Tom Holland and Zendaya: Know Their Relationship Timeline

Tom Holland and Zendaya

“Hollywood is full of surprises” – Don’t you agree? The world of celebrities in the entertainment industry is filled with interesting surprises. Their lifestyle, love life, family, and other aspects of life are distinct and captivating. Fans from all over the world get curious to know about everything related to their favorite celebrities.

In such a scenario, it’s easy to guess why the news reports related to the relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya capture the attention of people worldwide. Whenever any news report, social media post, or rumor with the words “Tom Holland and Zendaya” in its title becomes public, it gets viral quickly. People share it with others, thereby making it even more popular.

We know that you are also interested in finding out about the relationship timeline of Tom Holland and Zendaya. If you are someone who doesn’t follow celebrity news much, you must have landed on this page to know the authenticity behind the rumors regarding the two actors dating each other.

Well, irrespective of your reason behind reading this blog post, we assure you that you will get answers to all your questions here. We have conducted a significant amount of research to create this blog post. We have included only genuine information here. Our team has verified all the facts using credible sources, as we believe in sharing only correct details without maligning the reputation of the celebrities involved.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
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Tom Holland and Zendaya: Are They Really a Couple?

Let’s start with the most basic yet important question. Tom Holland and Zendaya, the actors who first met on the sets of Spider-Man: Homecoming, are indeed a couple. They might have denied the rumors of them dating several times in the past.

But currently, they show their love for each other openly even though they never admit it. The way they look at each other is enough to prove that the rumors are true. They have been spotted with each other at various events where mutual affection between them can be witnessed easily. They even keep making social media posts about each other occasionally. The chemistry between the couple is just adorable. The two might have played the role of friends in the movie, but what is brewing between them in real life is more than just friendship.

Now that you know that they are a couple, let’s dig deeper into how they met each other and how is their love life going. We have shown the timeline of their relationship in the following paragraphs. We have also mentioned the details about the weird incidents that have happened while news about them dating have been circulating.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
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Tom Holland and Zendaya: Relationship Timeline and More

When two celebrities, especially the ones who are in the entertainment industry start dating, the news spreads like a wildfire. What should have been an intimate or private matter becomes a topic for discussions and controversies. People love talking, reading, and hearing about the relationship status, engagement, and marriage of Hollywood artists. Tom Holland and Zendaya are no exception. Their fans as well as those who are not their fans like to learn and gossip about the affair between the two actors.

While we are of the opinion that the media and public should respect the privacy of celebrities, we cannot deny the fact that it’s quite easy to get engrossed with dating rumors about any celebrity. Moreover, the majority of the people wish only the best for the celebrities they love. They don’t have any ill intentions.

So, in order to put your curiosity to rest, we have shared information about the relationship timeline of Tom Holland and Zendaya here.

Year 2016

We have already mentioned that the two met on the sets of the superhero movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming” in 2016. Spider-Man Homecoming is a movie belonging to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is the same universe that includes memorable characters like ‘Nick Furry’, which is played by Samuel L. Jackson and ‘Black Panther’, which was played by Chadwick Boseman. The movies, which are a part of this cinematic universe, are produced by Marvel Studios.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
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Spider-Man: Homecoming is the second Spider-Man film reboot. It is one of the six movies for which Tom Holland entered into a deal with Marvel Studios. The actor and the studios signed a six-picture deal in the month of June 2015. As a part of the deal, Tom Holland would play a teenage Spider-Man. This movie was the first movie in which the actor played the lead role of Spider-Man. In fact, his name has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the youngest actor to play a lead role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Zendaya played the role of a classmate of Tom Holland. Ever since the movie started being shot, rumors regarding their affair started circulating. Both of them used to praise each other in interviews taken during and after the release of the movie.

Tom Holland and Zendaya became even more famous than before not just because of their remarkable performances but also because of their sizzling off-screen chemistry. The actor said that he and Zendaya are good friends. He added that he takes the guidance of Zendaya to deal with fame since the actress knows how to do it. They started sharing photos of each other on social media platforms like Instagram. On his Instagram account, the actor posted a picture that showed him along with Zendaya and a friend enjoying themselves in a swimming pool in July 2016.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Just Jared

In the month of November the same year, the couple appeared on the cover of “The Hollywood Reporter”, an American print and digital magazine. Zendaya shared the news about the same via her Instagram account. She even added a caption to the picture on the magazine cover she posted. She wrote “Amidst all the chaos and sadness…this one good thing did happen to me today. “Honored to share it with the very best…Spider-Man himself @tomholland2013”.

Year 2017

The linking rumors about Tom Holland and Zendaya increased a lot in the year 2017, as the chemistry between them during the Spider-Man press tour got noticed by everyone. Entertainment news portals published numerous articles suggesting that the actor and the actress have become a couple now.

Tom Holland and Zendaya even took a jibe at all the media houses and news portals that had been publishing news reports related to their affair. Zendaya tweeted a hilarious sentence in response to a tweet that suggested that she and her Spider-Man: Homecoming went on vacations together. The tweet read, “Wait wait…my favorite is when it says we go on vacations together HA! I haven’t been on a vacation in years! hbu @TomHolland1996 ???”.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: ELLE

Through her tweet, the actress showed how random tweets about her relationship with Tom Holland make her laugh. She also asked the actor in her tweet whether he has been on a vacation or not. The actor was quick to reply to a tweet. His reply, “Does the press tour count” was equally hilarious.

However, what some sources claimed during that time was quite the opposite. A source opened about their relationship with “People”, an American celebrity news weekly magazine, in the month of July 2017. The source said, “They started seeing each other while they were filming Spider-Man. They’ve been super careful to keep it private and out of the public eye, but they’ve gone on vacations with each other and try and spend as much time as possible with one another.”

People magazine published an article that included the information shared by this source. The article also contained the words said by another source. The second source said, “They’re both really ambitious and they challenge each other, but most importantly, they make each other crack up. They seem to have a really similar sense of humor and love joking around together. They have great banter back and forth.” Apparently, the actor and the actress remarked on the ‘vacations’ comment in their tweets.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
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In the month of August 2018, the relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya became the topic of news again. It happened because Zendaya was asked about the same in her interview with Variety Magazine. Her response was “We are friends. He’s a great dude. He’s literally one of my best friends. This past how many months, we’ve had to do press tours together. There’s very few people that will understand what that’s like at 20 years old.”

Now, it’s quite understandable that since both Tom Holland and Zendaya are of the same age, they can connect with each other very well. They can support and guide each other in dealing with the pros and cons of becoming successful at a young age. They have built a great rapport that becomes quite evident whenever they are in public. The celebrity news magazine “Page Six” even reported that the Spider-Man: Homecoming actor met the parents of Zendaya in December 2017.

Year 2018

In the year 2018, people witnessed yet another social media post that involved one of the two celebrities talking about the other. Tom Holland was not shy in posting on his Twitter account the picture of the 2018 Met Gala look of Zendaya. He even wrote the caption “All hail the queen. Killing it mate.”

Tom Holland and Zendaya
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Year 2019

The year 2019 saw intriguing developments in the relationship between Tom Holland and Zendaya. On May 9, 2019, the actor tagged Zendaya in an unconventional place in a post on Instagram. People started making all sorts of comments on this post.

Even Zendaya commented, “I’m assuming because you don’t know how to work [Instagram], that’s the reasoning behind my name placement.” She even shared her opinion about the whole incident through her Twitter account.

In response to the tweets that were made to ask her if the tag was subliminal, she tweeted, “Nah, he’s just Instagram stupid.”. The month of August saw an interesting twist in the rumored affair between the ex-co-stars. Rumors suggesting the affair between Zendaya and Jacob Elordi, who was her co-star in the American television series “Euphoria” started surfacing. The reason behind the rumors was that the actress and the actor were spotted vacationing together in Greece.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
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Year 2020

These rumors about the relationship between Zendaya and Jacob Elordi continued in the year 2020 as well. In February 2020, paparazzi caught the Euphoria actor giving a kiss to Zendaya in New York City. Another twist in the love story of Tom Holland and Zendaya occurred in July 2020 when the news about the affair between Tom Holland and Nadia Parkes became public.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Eonline

The actor posted a photograph of Nadia Parkes on his Instagram account on July 27, 2020. Some sources reported that the two entered into a relationship much before that. Just sometime after London went into lockdown, Nadia Parkes, who is a well-known British actress, moved in with Tom Holland. The couple spent their time together while being in quarantine.

At that time, a source said that the couple decided to isolate together, and things have been going great between them. He further added that Tom Holland has informed his family and friends that he is in an official relationship with the British actress. As per the source, Tom Holland believed that starting to live together so soon after entering a relationship has only made him and her partner stronger.

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Tom Holland and Zendaya
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If you are wondering, “What happened to the affair between Zendaya and Jacob Elordi?”, let us tell you that he moved on to Kaia Gerber in September 2020. Kaia Gerber is an American model and the daughter of the famous American model and actress Cindy Crawford. Currently, he is rumored to be in an affair with YouTuber Olivia Jade Giannulli.

Year 2021

The media agencies, news portals, and audiences got fresh pieces of news to talk about regarding Tom Holland and Zendaya in June 2021 and July 2021. The actor and the actress were spotted having dinner together in Los Angeles on June 30, 2021.

On the next day, i.e., on July 1, 2021, people’s interest in their love lives was piqued because of an incident published by Page Six. The celebrity news magazine published some photographs which showed both the actors kissing each other when their car was standing still at a red light in Los Angeles. Page Six even claimed that the couple was spotted in the “Silver Lake” neighborhood, which is a residential and commercial neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, on the same day. Zendaya’s mother, Claire Stoermer, was also spotted with them.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Page Six

The news about the affair between the Spider-Man: Homecoming co-stars made their fans super excited. Different hashtags related to the couple started trending on the social media platform Twitter. Just like every time, the news portals and magazine publication houses started to dig deeper to find out more information about the couple.

Considering the amount of attention the relationship between the two actors was getting, it’s quite normal for media people to ask the actors questions about each other. In response to one such question in an interview with “E! News”, Zendaya said that it was pretty special to have grown up altogether.

US Weekly, the celebrity and entertainment magazine, shared some details told by a reliable source on July 23, 2021. The source said, “They both challenge each other and balance each other out. Tom makes her laugh while Zendaya really helps guide him through the world of celebrity.”.

Tom Holland and Zendaya became trending all over the Internet in a matter of few days. What happened in the subsequent months only proved the rumors true. The couple attended a friend’s wedding together on August 22, 2021. While Zendaya wore a floor-length, brown-colored dress, Tom wore a buttoned-down white shirt and black pants.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Grazia

But what caught the attention of the media most was the pose they gave while getting clicked for a picture. They sat close to each other with their heads touching. The pose itself screamed, “We are a happy couple enjoying life together”.

The couple once again came in the headlines on Zendaya’s birthday, i.e., September 1, 2021. It was the actress’s 25th birthday. Tom Holland posted a picture on his Instagram account and wished Zendaya a happy birthday. The picture was a mirror selfie of the actor and the actress taken on the sets of the Spider-Man movie. The caption he wrote read, “My MJ, have the happiest of birthdays. Gimme a call when your up xxx.”.

On September 11, 2021, another social media activity undertaken by the actor grabbed the eyeballs of people. He posted a comment on Zendaya’s photographs that she posted on Instagram. The photos were from the “Venice Film Festival” that the actress attended. Her leather Balmain dress was loved by a lot of people. Tom Holland was one of them. His comment included three flame emojis. A flame emoji is used to convey passionate love, burning love, or even intense liking for someone. It is also used to convey that something is cool, exciting, or “on fire”.

The news reports, interviews, and discussions regarding Tom Holland and Zendaya continued in the month of October 2021 as well. On October 12, 2021, Zendaya gave an interview to “InStyle”, an American women’s fashion magazine, in which she raved about how Tom Holland fits the role of Spider-Man”. The interview was taken for the cover story of the November issue of the magazine.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: GMA Network

Zendaya said, “In an actor way, I appreciate that he really loves being Spider-Man. It’s a lot of pressure — you take on the role of a superhero wherever you go. To the little kid who walks by, you are Spider-Man. I think he handled that so well. And seeing him at work, even though he’s not a Virgo [laughs], he is a perfectionist.”.

She further shared her experience of watching Tom Holland on the set of the movie Spider-Man: Homecoming. Her exact words were “Our director allowed me to come in every day [of the shoot], and it was cool to see how he cares so much about his work and making it right. I watched him do a fight scene all day, which is exhausting. He’d do a move, come back to the monitors, watch it, and say, ‘I can do that better.’ I’d be like, ‘Dude; you got it.’ But he wants us to be perfect, and I really appreciate that.”.

The actress even spilled the beans on what she likes about Tom Holland as a person. She said and we are quoting, “Yeah, he’s a fun time. Very charismatic, can make anybody feel comfortable and have a good laugh and a good chat. A good chat — I sound so British.”.

While Zendaya started speaking more than before about Tom Holland in public, Tom Holland also did not shy away from sharing his feelings. An American epic science fiction movie titled “Dune”, in which Zendaya was one of the cast members was released in the month of September 2021.

In order to promote the movie, Tom Holland took to his Instagram account to post a photograph of Zendaya. The black-and-white photograph was from when Zendaya walked on the red carpet of the London premiere of Dune. The actor created this post on October 18, 2021. The caption he added to his post included a heart-eyes emoji along with the text “Dune”.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: ANI News

Tom Holland and Zendaya became a common topic for celebrity news related to affairs and love interests. Zendaya and Timothee Chalamet, her co-star from the Dune movie, appeared in a video recorded for “Buzzfeed Celeb”. In the video, Timothee and Zendaya asked questions to each other for the “BFF Test”.  As a part of the video, Timothee was asked who the biggest celebrity crush of Zendaya is. Timothee did not hesitate to give his answer, which was “Easy, Tom Holland”. Hearing his answer, the actress started giggling.

Soon, November came, but the public display of exchanging sweet gestures did not stop. Zendaya received the CFDA’s Fashion Icon award. She became the youngest-ever recipient of this award. Tom Holland made sure to congratulate her lady love via Instagram. He wrote, “Naaa stop it. An incredible achievement for the most incredible person. Congrats @zendaya and @luxurylaw you guys deserve every bit of this.” In the caption.

On November 17, 2021, Tom Holland opened up about his feelings regarding the privacy issues being encountered by celebrities and public figures. In an interview that he gave to “GQ”, a men’s fashion magazine, the actor was asked about his leaked pictures that showed him kissing Zendaya in a car at a red light.

Tom Holland said, “One of the downsides of our fame is that privacy isn’t really in our control anymore, and a moment that you think is between two people that love each other very much is now a moment that is shared with the entire world. I’ve always been really adamant to keep my private life private because I share so much of my life with the world anyway. We sort of felt robbed of our privacy.”.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Koimoi

An admirable fact about the actor that the world came to know amidst all the rumors related to Tom Holland and Zendaya is that he refused to share or discuss details about his relationship with Zendaya when the actress was not present. He said, “You know, I respect her too much to say…this isn’t my story. It’s our story. And we’ll talk about what it is when we’re ready to talk about it together.”

In a separate conversation with Zendaya about the whole picture leak incident, the actress seemed to agree with the opinions of her partner. She said, “It was quite strange and weird and confusing and invasive. The equal sentiment [we both share] is just that when you really love and care about somebody, some moments or things, you wish were your own. I think loving someone is a sacred thing and a special thing and something that you want to deal with and go through and experience and enjoy amongst the two people that love each other.”.

On November 29, 2021, the press tour for the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home”, which is the 27th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the 3rd movie with Spider-Man as a lead character, began. Zendaya and Tom Holland went to Paris to become a part of the press tour and promote their movie.

The couple visited “Quotidien”, the French television show, to give an interview. They even clicked some amazing pictures in their photo booth. While being on a press tour, the couple even attended the “2021 Balloon d’Or Ceremony”. It is an annual event organized and presented by “France Football”, a French weekly magazine that publishes football news from all over the world. The event is organized to recognize and honor the male and female players that have performed remarkably in the previous year.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Metro UK

Tom Holland and Zendaya both looked great on the red carpet of this football annual event. The photograph of the actor and the actress was taken inside the venue. The brothers of Tom Holland, Harry Holland and Sam Holland also accompanied him. Their photo was clicked on the red carpet.

In the last month of the year 2021, i.e., in December 2021, the co-stars from the Spider-Man movies continued appearing in public and at events together. They appeared on “The Graham Norton Show”, a British comedy chat show presented by Graham Norton, at the beginning of the month. They shared a hilarious story about how the difference in their heights made shooting stunts for their movies complicated.

Zendaya and Tom Holland posed for a picture together on the red carpet at a London photocall for the movie Spider-Man: No Way Home. The actor wore a striped shirt, black pants, and a cropped leather jacket. The actress wore sheer black tights and an oversized gray blazer.

Once the photograph was clicked, both of them looked into each other’s eyes and smiled widely. Tom Holland answered some questions asked by the media on the red carpet. He said, “There she is—looking beautiful, might I add.” to refer to the appearance of Zendaya. He even shared his views on his rapport with Zendaya. His exact words were, “Two friends coming together, experiencing this world, going through the same problems at the same time, having a shoulder to cry on, has been a huge thing for the pair of us, and with Jacob [Batalon] as well. We really are a family.”.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: ELLE

Zendaya also contributed to this conversation later. She said, “Sometimes you just have to be a person to vent to, someone to just be there and listen…. I was lucky enough where my life didn’t change overnight. I started when I was young, so it was kind of like a slow progression. I kind of got to learn it as I went and figure it out and get my footing a little bit, whereas for him it was so much all at once. I have an extreme amount of empathy for that, so anything that I learned or have learned or continue to learn, I share with him, and anything he learns he shares with me.”

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While the height difference between Tom Holland and Zendaya became a matter of joke in The Graham Norton Show, it has become a serious matter in online discussions. Various misogynistic comments have been made on the Internet by many people about the same.

Zendaya addressed these comments and gave a befitting reply to all those people on December 10, 2021. She said, “This is normal, too. My mom is taller than my dad. My mom’s taller than everyone.”. Just three days after this incident, i.e., on December 13, 2021, the premiere of the movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” took place in Los Angeles. Tom Holland paused his interview with “Entertainment Tonight” to look for Zendaya when she arrived on the red carpet. Zendaya wore the web-patterned gown for attending the premiere.

The actor realized that Zendaya must have arrived due to the loud cheering made by the crowd. Before pausing his interview and looking for the actress, he said, “I think Zendaya just showed up.”. After Tom Holland, it was Zendaya’s turn to show her affection in public. She used social media for this purpose.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Metro UK

The actress posted two photographs of Tom Holland on her Instagram account on December 15, 2021. Both photos showed the actor in a Spider-Man costume. But the difference was that the first photo was from the latest Spider-Man movie, whereas the second photo was one from his childhood. Zendaya added a caption that read, “My Spider-Man, I’m so proud of you, some things never change and good thing @tomholland2013.”.

Fans cannot get enough of seeing Tom Holland and Zendaya together on the screen. On December 16, 2021, while attending a fan Q&A session with IMDB, Tom Holland faced the question of whether he will ever be seen in the Euphoria series. The question was “When will Tom get a cameo on Euphoria?”. Tom quickly responded that he has been trying to make it happen but hadn’t succeeded yet. Zendaya jokingly said that she would talk to some people at HBO so that Tom can be cast in the series.

Year 2022

The love between Tom Holland and Zendaya blossomed further in the year 2022. Siyon Foster, one of the cast members of Euphoria posted a carousel of pictures on Instagram on January 10, 2022. One of the pictures shows the cast members hanging out. A young guy is seen standing behind Zendaya in the picture. People think he must be Tom Holland who would have visited the set of the series to meet Zendaya.

Some photographs of Zendaya and Tom Holland together came out a few days later in the same month. These photos showed the couple walking in London as well as near the family home of Tom Holland. As per the reports, the couple went to London to spend time with Tom Holland’s family.

On February 4, 2022, “The Mirror” magazine published the news piece that the couple had bought a home in South London, United Kingdom. According to the magazine, the house is located at a distance under 4 miles from the hometown of Tom Holland. A source informed the magazine that Zendaya and Tom Holland are over the moon about getting their first home together. He also added that the couple wanted their first home to be in London, as Tom grew up in this city. He even said that everyone is thrilled for them. The 6-bedroom house was reported to be purchased for $4 million by the couple.

However, Tom Holland denied the rumors about him and Zendaya purchasing a house together. He did so during an interview on the American morning talk show “Live with Kelly and Ryan”.  On being asked about how the rumors started, the actor replied that he had no knowledge of it.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: ELLE

Tom Holland and Zendaya were spotted multiple times together during the month of February 2022. They were spotted while being on a date night together. The couple had dinner at “MAMO” Italian restaurant in Lower Manhattan. The next day, Zendaya and Tom Holland were spotted while going to the screening of the latter’s movie “Uncharted”. While the actress wore a belted shirt dress, Tom Holland wore a black turtleneck and a sharp gray suit.

They were even spotted at a New York Rangers game in Madison Square Garden, an indoor arena in New York City. A photograph taken of the couple at the game showed that Tom and Zendaya had worn matching custom jerseys with each other’s names on them. Hunter Schafer, a Euphoria co-star of Zendaya and Harry Holland, the younger brother of Tom Holland also accompanied the couple.

On February 24, 2022, Tom Holland went to Rome to surprise Zendaya, who was in the capital city of Italy to work for the latest promotional campaign of the Italian luxury fashion house “Valentino”. The actor was busy promoting his movie in New York.

But he made time to take a flight to Rome, Italy and give a wonderful surprise to Zendaya. After meeting her, Tom Holland took Zendaya to an Italian restaurant named “Antica Pesa” for dinner. Francesco Panella, the owner of the restaurant took a picture with the couple and posted it on Instagram. He thanked the couple for dining in his restaurant in the caption for the picture.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Just Jared Jr.

Tom Holland and Zendaya were spotted together in the next month as well. A fan spotted the couple having a coffee date at Tatte Bakery in Boston, the capital city of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts on March 20, 2022. He clicked a picture of them and shared it with the world via Instagram.

The couple was next spotted while leaving a restaurant in New York City on April 16, 2022. It was Easter Eve and the couple had gone to have dinner together. While Tom Holland had worn blue jeans, a red flannel, and white sneakers, Zendaya had worn a black dress.

On April 20, 2022, Zendaya shared with “Entertainment Tonight” how Tom Holland’s visits to the sets of the Euphoria series made her feel. She said, “I think it’s great to have that support and love around you because you need that. This isn’t an easy job, so it’s good to have that to free you up from it every now and then.”.

Zendaya and Tom Holland were once again spotted in Boston on April 26, 2022. Zendaya was in Boston for the shooting of her movie “The Challengers”. The couple was spotted walking together in the city with Zendaya’s right hand holding Tom’s left hand inside the pocket of the former’s jeans.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Hollywood Life

The next display of affection took place through the social media platform Instagram. June 1 is the birthday of Tom Holland. So, on June 1, 2022, Zendaya wished him by posting a black-and-white picture of the two on Instagram. She wrote the caption “Happiest of birthdays to the one who makes me the happiest.”. It was the 26th birthday of Tom Holland and Zendaya made it pretty special.

On July 7, 2022, the rumors about the couple buying a property together started surfacing again. This time, according to rumors, Tom Holland and Zendaya were looking for a property in Brooklyn. Some other rumors also suggested that the couple has adopted a pit bull named “Pistachio”.

If the surprise visit made by Tom Holland to Italy was not enough, the actor traveled to Budapest to surprise his girlfriend. Zendaya was in the city of Budapest to shoot for the sequel of her movie “Dune”. Tom Holland landed in the city on August 27, 2022. The photos of the couple going on a scooter-riding date in the capital of Hungary were released by “Daily Mail”. A fan even captured a video of the two sightseeing in Budapest. It’s just admirable how the actor takes time out of his busy schedule to travel long distances just to meet his lady love.

While Tom Holland turned 26th on June 1, 2022, Zendaya turned 26th on September 1, 2022. The Euphoria actress celebrated her birthday by enjoying a dinner at “MAMO” Italian restaurant in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City. People who accompanied her were Tom Holland (no points for guessing!), her mother, Claire Stoermer, and Hunter Schafer, her Euphoria co-star.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: India TV News

Zendaya had worn a cropped black cardigan, jeans, and black pumps for the occasion. Tom had worn a blue-colored flannel shirt, corduroy pants, and Adidas sneakers. She wrote a post on Instagram to thank everyone for making her 26th birthday memorable.

Usually, Zendaya and Tom Holland remain quiet about their affair, but after the 74th Annual Emmy Awards, Zendaya confirmed in an interview with “E! News” that she has a boyfriend. She made history at the awards function, which took place on September 12, 2022, by becoming the youngest two-time winner in the “Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series” category. In her interview, she said, “When I get this win, I didn’t have to text my mom because my mom was already there. She’s here tonight, which is very special. And I text my boyfriend.”.

Tom Holland and Zendaya attended the Paris Fashion Week on October 3, 2022. Then, on October 8, 2022, the couple visited the “Louvre Museum”, which is a national art museum situated in the city of Paris in France. This spectacular museum has one of the richest collections in the world. Tom and Zendaya seemed to enjoy each other’s company while touring the museum holding hands.

Considering the amount of time Zendaya and Tom Holland were spending together, the news portals and magazines were quick to assume that the couple would go to the next level of the relationship soon. Rumors about their engagement started surfacing on the Internet.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: People

“US Weekly” reported that Tom and Zendaya are in settling down mode and planning for a real future together. An insider said that the two seem serious and permanent. So, Claire Stoermer, the mother of Zendaya clarified the matter on November 30, 2022. She didn’t say anything directly but her post on Instagram was enough to suggest that the news regarding the engagement of Zendaya and Tom is not true. She posted the definition of clickbait on Instagram.

Year 2023

It’s been more than two months since the year 2023 started. But the news pieces regarding Tom Holland and Zendaya are still being frequently published for various reasons. Once a Hollywood celebrity gets involved in a romantic relationship, the paparazzi do not leave them alone.

The 2023 NAACP Image Awards were held on February 25, 2023. Zendaya attended the awards ceremony and donned two different looks throughout the event. Later during that weekend, the actress even attended the 2023 SAG Awards. She wore two different outfits at this event as well. Zendaya later posted pictures of her look from the awards ceremonies on her Instagram account. Tom Holland commented on her first post. His comment included three ‘smiling face with heart eyes’ emojis.

Tom Holland and Zendaya
Image Credit: Elle


We know that you must be willing to know more about your favorite couple Zendaya and Tom Holland. You can keep an eye on celebrity news magazines and online entertainment news portals to read the latest updates regarding the relationship between the pair from Spider-Man: Homecoming.

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