Doors of Stone Release Date – What All You Need to Know?

Doors of Stone Release Date

Just like millions of others on this planet, are you also wondering, “What is the Doors of Stone Release Date”? People across the globe are waiting impatiently for the release of the Doors of Stone, which is the third novel in ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’ Series. The question, “What’s up with the release of this book” pops up in their mind from time to time. Continue reading this blog post to find the answer.

As you know, the Doors of Stone is a fantasy novel written by Patrick Rothfuss, an American author. This novel belongs to the fantasy trilogy known as ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’. The previous two books, which are a part of this series, include “The Name of the Wind” and “The Wise Man’s Fear”. The first novel was released in the year 2007, whereas the second novel was released in the year 2011.

So, it’s been more than a decade since the release of the second novel in the trilogy. Fans are eager to read the third novel, as it will mark the ending of the trilogy. Whenever you read a book, watch a movie, or watch a television show that has one or more of the elements – fantasy, suspense, mystery, or crime – you become eager to know the end. The novels in this trilogy have various elements. Hence, people want to find out the Doors of Stone Release Date.

Doors of Stone Release Date

Why is the Doors of Stone So Popular Even Before its Release?

The Doors of Stone novel has become one of the most popular and awaited novels because of several reasons. One of these reasons is that it belongs to the fantasy category. Fantasy is one of the most preferred categories when it comes to novels. People read novels to fulfill their hobby of reading or include some excitement in their life. Between 30% to 35% of adults in the world read a book every day.

People might not like reading books during their school or college days, but once they grow up, they realize the importance of reading. The activity of reading provides numerous benefits like improved vocabulary, increased reading speed, and more. While some people read fictional novels to obtain the benefits of reading, others read those to get a daily dose of entertainment. Another reason why this novel is on the top of the ‘to-read list’ of people is that the previous two books of the trilogy become an instant hit with the readers.

If you have not read any of the novels in the trilogy and are wondering why people are so curious to know the Doors of Stone Release Date, a few details about the plot or story might intrigue you. The novels in the trilogy “The Kingkiller Chronicle” describe the story of a man who has an interesting history and life. This man is the central character in these novels. The name of this character is ‘Kvothe’. The series of these novels is presented as the autobiography of Kvothe. He shares his life story with his student Bast.

Doors of Stone Release Date

Kvothe is a young boy, who is a magician, musician, and adventurer. He is a part of a group of traveling performers known as the ‘Edema Ruh’. He learns the basics of magic from an arcanist in the group and later joins the university to enhance his skills in magic.

Eventually, he became a wizard known by the name of ‘Kingkiller’. In the present, i.e., at the time when he is narrating his life story to his student, he is working as a rural innkeeper under a pseudonym. A character who meets the definition of phrases like ‘larger than life’ is often liked by people. Therefore, the Kingkiller Chronicle has received love from readers.

Doors of Stone Release Date: When Will the Book Get Released?

Ever since the author Patrick Rothfuss disclosed the information about the launch of the third novel, the launch date or the release date has become a hot topic for discussion amongst the fans of the series. The news regarding the release date has come up numerous times. Earlier, the book was rumored to be released on 8th July 2021. Then, another rumor that suggested the release date to be 11th July 2022 came up. Both the dates were not true, as the book is still not launched.

Doors of Stone The Kingkiller Chronicle

Moreover, it’s worth mentioning here that the author, the publication house, or any other party related to the book has never made any official announcement about the date of the release. Just like the date, the contents of the novel are also unknown.

But some critics and readers feel that the book might include several funerals. The reason behind the same is that the author Patrick Rothfuss said a few words. These words are “Everyone dies, and it is imperative that death is done properly in the accurate place”. It is believed that the book has not yet been launched because of the extensive amount of work being put into it by the author. The author is making changes to the original plot or story to complete the third book.

Along with finding out the Doors of Stone Release Date, you must also know that Patrick Rothfuss had declared the trilogy to be finished before confirming the third book. He also mentioned that the length of the book will be less than the second book of the series. The length of the second novel, i.e., The Wise Man’s Fear is 1120 pages.

Doors of Stone Release Date

Rumors about the release date of the novel keep coming up from time to time. The release date has become a widely discussed topic on online forums and social media channels. A recent rumor about the launch date happened when the author Mercedes Lackey shared on Quora that the Doors of Stone is being edited at the publication house. People believed her because her book is also at the same publication house. Turns out that Mercedes Lackey was talking about some other book written by the author Patrick Rothfuss.

Online stores that sell the first two novels of the trilogy are full of comments from readers who are complaining about the long wait for the third and final novel. People keep searching for accurate information related to the release date of the book. Nevertheless, the Doors of Stone Release Date has remained a mystery till now.

But it is certain that the book is in progress, and will be released sooner or later. Proof that confirms this statement is that the author Patrick Rothfuss read the prologue to the Doors of Stone novel in his live stream on the platform of Twitch in January 2022. He did so to fulfill the promise made to the people. He declared that if he succeeds in receiving a particular amount as a part of the fundraiser for his charity ‘Worldbuilders’, he would read the prologue to the book.

Doors of Stone Release Date

However, he also promised that he would share a full chapter from the book, but he didn’t fulfill it. Once the book gets released, you can buy a physical copy from a bookstore or an online store. You can even purchase an ebook if you like to read books in virtual form. If you know someone who is a fan of the trilogy, you can gift this book to them.


The Doors of Stone Release Date is an interesting subject to discuss for the fans of ‘The Kingkiller Chronicle’ trilogy. They stay occupied with confirming the authenticity of the rumors, as they are willing to know how the story ends.

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