15 great books of all times that Hollywood should put on screen

Great Books of All Times

Some of the best movies are the great books of all times. Hollywood is an excellent source of inspiration for many audiences around the world. But what inspires the largest film industry itself? Books, of course. The moviemakers do an excellent job of reinterpreting the written, literary work. They convey the book’s message through the visual and artistic medium. Besides, the camera helps to depict diversity and variety. The films are also ideal for getting across stories told by new voices. They bring fresh perspectives and also add to the ongoing discourse on burning issues.

Movie studios are noticing more and more deserving literary works with potential for their next book to movie projects. Have a look at some of these classic books that deserve to be the next book to movie adaptations.

Great books of all times for comedy lovers – My Sister, the Serial Killer

Black comedies always have a loyal audience around the world. Movies like Adam’s Apple, Carnage, and A Simple Favor are good examples, but there is something different about this 2018 novel by Oyinkan Braithwaite. The Book prize nominated book is about a pair of Nigerian sisters.

Korede and Ayoola are always at loggerheads with each other. And Ayoola’s penchant for bumping off her boyfriends does not help either. With the backing of big production houses, a movie version would be a breath of fresh air from the cliché love and friendship movie lots.

Great books of all times for classic-lovers – Go Set a Watchman

Harper Lee’s “To Kill a Mocking Bird” is a modern, American classic. But the writer also wrote this incomplete and unsatisfactory book. So, why convert it into a movie? Well, the book still has some literary merit, and many modern scriptwriters are capable of churning out a good script using it.
The book brings some of the familiar characters to life. Besides, a good director and actor can add the much-needed panache to this book to movie choice. But getting the permission rights from Harper Lee’s estate is not easy.

Great books of all times for Mystery Readers – The Secret History

Mix Greek philosophy and murder mystery, and you get this classic. This debut novel by Donna Tart is an intellectual treat. The mammoth book is also critically famous for its expressive power. And the quirky characters are all well etched out, making the book perfect for screen adaptation.
Viewers will learn a little more about the classical period eccentricities. They will also get intrigued by the whodunit elements of the delectable murder mystery.

Great books of all times for Feminists – The Animators

Kayle Rae Whitaker’s debut novel is about smart, ambitious women, who work in the competitive field of animation. This male-dominated industry deserves the female gaze. And a movie would do better justice to the book than a TV show or streaming online series.

The leads are best friends working on their first feature film. So, you can expect plenty of “movie within a movie” scenes. And there is sufficient tension threatening their creativity and friendship.

Nostalgic great books of all times- The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay

There are a lot of movies based on comic book superheroes. But there aren’t that many based on the industry itself. This book by Michael Chabon can fill that gap, and provide something new for the audience. And the novel has an imaginative story with Nazi Europe and 1940s USA as the backdrop.
The Pulitzer winning novelist is also a screenwriter, columnist, and short story writer. So, he will get the people’s pulse and come up with one of the most fabulous book to movie adaptations.

Opera genre – The Queen of the Night

The opera as an art form is dramatic, musical, and theatrical. Very few movies, made in the past, did full justice to it. But this mesmerizing novel by Alexander Chee can rectify the mistake. What more, the story itself has interesting historical figures. And operatic dramas will always have dazzling clothes, sets, dialogues, and music. It is a perfect recipe for churning out a book to movie.

Interconnecting plot lines – The Mirror Thief

It is Martin Seay’s debut book released in 2016 and become a sensational hit. It is a perfect blend of secret societies, robots, gangs, and discoveries, spanning several centuries with the USA and Italy, offering the backdrop. A reputed director will know how to exploit the three intersecting plot lines. But telling such stories on screen has become risky. No wonder, the movie studios are wary.

For kids – Harold and the Purple Crayon

In these troubled times, a good children’s story is always welcome. This book by Crockett Johnson is perfect for the movie screen. It is about an imaginative 4-year-old’s adventure in the company of a giant purple crayon. The well-crafted book is a perfect example of telling stories with great joy. And it has enough twists and turns to make the kids feel excited and wonderful.

Noughts & Crosses – potentially, the next movie series

It is the first book in a much-applauded 6-book series by Malorie Blackman. It is a crafty depiction of an alternate history of the world. The Crosses are blacks, and the Noughts are whites. They switch positions of power, leading to a novel presentation of racial prejudices.
Seph and Callum belong to the opposing camps. But they are friends who develop a romantic relationship in a risky environment. This love and friendship movie styled story is ideal for making an even more epic movie series like Harry potter.

Non-fiction – The Studio

This non-fiction book about the movie industry of 1969 is one of the best in this genre. A movie portraying the inner workings of the movie industry is long due. And an adaptation of this masterpiece can throw up many surprises. It will be realistic as the author had unlimited access to the 20th Century Fox studios back then.

A new theft – My Uncle Oswald

Roald Dahl takes a well-deserved break from the children’s novel genre. This one about a celebrity sperm stealer is strictly for adults. The story fictionalizes Dahl’s uncle and turns him into a lecherous, fortune-maker. But a competent director is in need to adapt it with taste, humor, and grace.

A simple story & twist – The Wonder

Emma Donoghue is no stranger to a movie adaptation of books. Her earlier work ‘The Room’ won acclaim, both as a book and as a movie. The simple story is about a religious girl who is surviving on-air and some water. It also has a nun and a nurse, along with a few surprising twists at the end.

Cult classic – Stoner

A movie about a Missouri farm man’s love for literature and professorship. Hmm, does not sound so interesting, does it? But this cult classic has the potency to turn into an absorbing study of a man in pain. It also has a timeless quality, which is always welcome.

A reality check – Esperanza Rising

Pam Munoz Ryan’s story starts during the Great Depression. A young Mexican girl flees to the USA after her father gets killed. Her struggles in a labor camp during that Era will make for a great movie. The movie adaptation can depict harsh world realities and challenges. Hollywood deserves a break from the love and friendship movie lists.

Today’s lesson – Eleanor and Park

This love story about two 16-year old Nebraskans is delightful. The book delves into contemporary topics, like child and domestic abuse. It also covers issues like bullying and body image. The movie attempts started in 2014, but have not fructified yet.

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