7 Best Online Gift Ideas for Male Friends to Welcome 2023

Gift Ideas for Male Friends

Do you have a male friend whom you want to give a nice gift to on New Year’s Eve? Have you been thinking about gifting your male friend for a while but couldn’t due to a lack of choices? Are you of the opinion that it’s difficult to come up with gift ideas for male friends?

If your answer to any of the questions given above is ‘Yes’, then this blog post is just for you! We have curated a list of 7 wonderful gift ideas that can help you in gifting your guy friends. We have taken into account two important factors while making this list. The first factor is online shopping. In today’s time, most people purchase a majority of the goods and services they need via online shopping. Buying online saves time and hassle. You can easily buy the items shown in this blog post online from the comfort of your home.

But it does not mean that they are not available offline. If you want, you can purchase these items from physical stores as well, just like everyone used to two decades ago. Visiting a store, looking for the items, and comparing the prices is a fun activity.

The second factor is the occasion of a new year. The year 2023 will come in two months, and so, you must have already started planning to conduct celebrations and give gifts to your loved ones and friends. The gifting options we have mentioned here are ideal for the occasion of a new year. But you can use these options on other occasions as well, such as birthdays, graduations, and promotions.

Now without further ado, let’s have a look at the 7 best online gift ideas for male friends.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends
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Gift Ideas for Male Friends to Welcome 2023: Read the Whole List Here

The fact that we have dedicated an entire blog post to discussing the gifting options for male friends proves that gifting men is not an easy task. When you think about giving a gift to a woman, you get plenty of choices ranging from the latest device and stylish accessory to the popular appliance and trendy dress.

But when it comes to giving a gift to a man, you have to scratch your head, as every man has different likings and preferences. Most men live a minimalist life, and thus, buy only those products that are extremely necessary. Some men have a huge love for certain personalities, hobbies, sports, and activities. They like collecting items related to the things they love.

Therefore, having a list of the best gift ideas for male friends will help you a lot.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends
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Fitness Products and Accessories

If your male friend is a fitness freak, just like many other men, he will appreciate it if you gift him a product or accessory that can help him stay fit. Whether your friend prefers to visit a gym or go running in a park, a fitness accessory, such as a smartwatch, can help him to achieve his goals.

If your friend is someone who cannot start their day without a wholesome protein shake, you can gift him a pack of protein powders. If your budget allows, you can even go for expensive items, such as a home-gym exercise cycle or treadmill.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends
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Perfumes, Colognes, and Deodorants

A general perception regarding men is that they don’t like to dress up. Most of the time, you would see men in casual attire. They don’t go through the painstaking effort of dressing well or dressing for the occasion. They might possess costly garments and shoes, but they don’t wear them frequently.

However, one thing that no man forgets before going out of his home is putting on deodorant or cologne. A bottle of cologne, deodorant, or perfume is like a man’s best friend. You can gift your friend a combo pack of deodorant, perfume, or cologne, depending on what product and what brand they use.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends
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Customized Merchandise

The third idea in the list of the 7 best gift ideas for male friends is customized merchandise. Continuing the point from the previous idea, men like wearing casual clothes, like t-shirts, shorts, and hoodies. They can never get tired of wearing these types of clothes.

So, you can give merchandise, such as t-shirts, hats, caps, hoodies, sweatshirts, and jackets, to your guy friend. You need to find a reliable online store that offers customized merchandise. You can get the gifts custom-made by the store. You just need to share the text or designs you want to get printed on items with the store.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends
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Work Desk Accessories

In the post-covid era, millions of people are working from their home office, as it allows them to have a work-life balance. If your male friend is also working from home, it’s time to decorate his work desk or table with useful, practical, and beautiful accessories.

Men are not naturally inclined to decorate spaces, unlike women. They might have a large desk that remains empty. You can gift your friend accessories like a diary, organizer, pen, mouse pad, calendar, pencil holder, table lamp, sticky notes, silicone keyboard cover, table plants, reusable smart notebook, post-it note dispenser, paperweights, and tissue box.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends
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Home Furnishings and Décor Items

The next idea in the list of our gift ideas for male friends is home furnishings and home décor items. As you must have understood from the previous paragraph, men don’t invest time or money in decorating indoor and outdoor spaces. Just like their work desks, their homes might also have a lot of scope for improvement and decoration.

If your guy friend has just moved into a new home, there are huge chances that he might not have bought enough furnishings and décor items. So, you can gift him some nice curtains, cushions, table linens, rugs, carpets, door mats, throws, quilts, chair cushions, paintings, candle holders, mirrors, wall art pieces, photo frames, and indoor water fountains.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends

Electronic Accessories

Apart from colognes and deodorants, men also have another best friend, which is electronic accessories. A lot of guys love to learn about and use different products that are the result of new technologies. They keep all their devices, gadgets, and electronic accessories in a safe and well-maintained condition.

You can give your male friend accessories, such as a wireless phone charger, Bluetooth headphones, a power bank, a portable Bluetooth speaker, external hard disks, pen drives, a DSLR camera, an e-reader, a power strip, and earbuds.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends

Personalized Items

You might be thinking that we have already discussed customized merchandise in our list of 7 best gift ideas for male friends, but this idea is different from the one we had shared earlier. Men might have big bodies, but even they can’t contain their emotions by noticing small gestures.

When you gift your guy friend small personalized items like a mobile stand, laptop skin, bottle opener, phone cover, keychain, wall key holder, and wallet, your bond with him will get strengthened. If your friend lives alone and handles the task of cooking, you can gift him personalized aprons, kitchen linens, cookie jars, bowls, platters, and so on.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends
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Apart from the gift ideas mentioned above, you can also choose gifts based on the particular interests, hobbies, and passions of your male friend. You can give him merchandise related to his favorite sports team or music group. If your friend is passionate about gaming, just like a lot of other guys, you can gift him gaming accessories, such as a gaming mouse, gaming chair, and gaming keyboard.

You can also select gifts based on the individual tendencies and habits of your male friend. For example, if your friend is not too health-conscious, you can give him ergonomic desk accessories like a wrist rest support system, footrest, laptop elevator, seat cushion, ergonomic chair, and adjustable armrest. If your friend is not able to take care of himself due to a busy schedule or too many responsibilities, you can give him products that make his life easier. A few examples include an automatic coffee maker, a recliner, a copper water bottle, and a wellness journal.

Gift Ideas for Male Friends


We hope you would have liked reading this blog post on the 7 best gift ideas for male friends. Some evergreen gifting options include a travel mug, a flask, and a bottle of whiskey.

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