Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for You

valentine's day outfit ideas

Single, committed, married, or complicated – whatever your relationship status is, Valentine’s Day is for you to celebrate. It’s that time of the year when everything around us oozes beauty as spring dawns upon us. Then why shouldn’t you bring out the fashionista inside you with these cute Valentine’s day outfit ideas? Here are some tips from various fashion bloggers to make this Valentine’s day extra special for you – no matter what body type you are. 

The internet boasts of plenty of websites and e-commerce sites offering unlimited options for the petite and curvy. But the fact is that not everybody has the same size and shape. If people come in all sizes, so should the outfits. So we compiled Valentine’s day outfit ideas for people with different body types. You can use this guide or just follow your heart and buy all the nice dresses and some beautiful flowers to celebrate yourself. 

Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas for Straight Body Type

If your shoulders are about the same width as your bust and hips, an off-shoulder dress in pink is just the perfect, flirty fit for you. You cannot go wrong with an off-shoulder or a tube top, but you can always experiment with colors and more Valentine’s day outfit ideas. You can try a black strapless leather midi or an off-shoulder maxi dress. Compliment the look with maxi earrings.

valentine's day outfit ideas
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Outfit Ideas for Triangular Body Type

If you have fuller hips compared to your shoulder and bust and you also have a narrow waistline, then you need to wear something that accentuates the waistline and highlights the top part of your body. You can achieve this by wearing ruffled sleeves. You can experiment with the boat or round necklines. Padded shoulders or decorations on shoulders also help in balancing out the look. If you are wearing prints, try printed jackets and tops and neutral colors on the bottom. If you don’t feel like wearing printed stuff, you can also go for a nice single-tone color perfect for the V-day date night. Don’t forget to accessorize with hoop earrings or any big ear or neckpiece like a choker.

date night outfit

Perfect Match for Round Body Type

Round or oval body type is when the bust and the midsection are fuller compared to the rest of the body. Here are a few Valentine’s day outfit ideas that will embrace your inner diva. Start with a perfect top with a scoop or a V-neck. The waistline needs to be more defined. This can be done with the help of a dress that has a ruched side or a top that ends in a peplum. As for the bottoms, anything straight with a side or a back zip is best. Try to avoid any detail or decoration on the bottoms as you want a more defined waistline and not draw attention toward the hips.

outfit ideas for round body
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Date Night Ideas for Hourglass Body Type

You have an hourglass body shape if your bust and hips are almost of the same width and the waistline is narrower in comparison. The market is flooded with dresses for you. But finding just the right outfit can be tricky for you depending on which part of the body you want to highlight. Here are some Valentine’s day outfit ideas for you.

If you want a look with a more defined waist, you should start with a dress that balances out both the top and bottom. You can accentuate the waistline with the help of a belt or with dresses ruched in the middle. You can also try clothes that have darker colors around the middle. But try to avoid shapeless dresses or straight cuts as they tend to ruin the look. Try to avoid halter neck dresses or tops with a wide or oval neckline. Instead, go for V, sweetheart, or scoop necklines. They create the illusion of balance.

Some people tend to have top-heavy hourglass body shapes. And then some others have bottom heavy. If you find yourself leaning towards either, you can fix this by choosing outfits that add more details and embellishments on the other side to give a balanced look. For example, if you have a top hourglass shape, you can wear bottoms with ruffles. And if you have a bottom hourglass, you can wear a dress or top with wider sleeves or padded shoulders to strike a balance.

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Cutest Outfits for Athletic Body Type

If you are more muscular, have structured shoulders, and flat abs, and are a lot less curvy comparatively, then you have an athletic body type – something that a lot of women crave. Here are some Valentine’s day outfit ideas for you that will help you highlight your best features. You can rock both oversized garments and body-hugging ones with equal panache, thanks to your toned figure. Halter necks, off–shoulders, and racerbacks look best on you. But you don’t need to limit yourself to just that, experiment with plunging necklines, sweethearts, or V-necks to show off those well-defined collarbones. As for the bottom, you can experiment with the length of the dress, depending on how much attention you want to draw on those well-toned thighs and calves.

Conclusive Insight

The above guidelines are only suggestions to have a more balanced look while you are celebrating Valentine’s Day. This article intends to just help a little in making those selfies turn out glam. That said, this article is not trying to fix or correct body image. Also, it is not intended to body shame. On the contrary, we suggest you must never run yourself down for the shape of your body or your looks. Also, might we add – whether you have a date or not, just buy these lovely outfits for yourself? Show some self-love. Buy gifts for yourself, your mom, your best friend, or maybe even your neighborhood cutie. Splurge on self-indulgence and check out more Valentine’s Day outfit ideas because you can wear them around the year and you don’t need an excuse.

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