Best Flowers for an Essenceful Valentine

Flowers for an Essenceful Valentine

Valentine’s day is one of the perfect days to celebrate love and show affection to your loved ones. It’s the day to express your heart and all the feelings you hold for somebody. Different people use different ways to express their love, some use chocolates, some gifts, and some flowers. 

Flowers are the best ways to show someone how much you care for them and how important they are for you. You can use flowers for any and every occasion and they are never going to disappoint you. Whenever you fail to find the perfect gift for your love, you can always choose flowers without any doubt. So, let’s come to the important part and look for the best flowers that you could use to gift your lover.

Whenever you are clueless about what flowers to gift, go through these ideas.

1- Roses


Roses are the perfect flowers for all the events and, you can have them for everyone. If you are planning to send one to your friend, you can choose red roses or white roses. If you are planning to express your love to the one you romanticize for, you can choose red roses. You can buy a bouquet of red roses and give it to your love. 

However, if you want to add more colours to your proposal, you can add pink roses to the bouquet. Your partner will definitely like this idea, pink roses never fail to impress. 

2- Orchids


Orchids are yet other flowers that symbolize love, passion, and affection. If you want to move ahead of roses, orchids are the best options. They add luxury, beauty, and strength and they are gorgeous as well as delicate. The best part is they are found in different colors like pink, purple and orange. The purple orchids are some of the most liked and accepted flowers when someone wants to express their emotion and love. You can have a bouquet of orchids with a little decoration and ribbons and they will be the perfect fit for any occasion.

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There is no better way to surprise people more than offering them orchids.



Sunflowers symbolize the brightness of the sun, happiness, longevity, and adoration. Making the ambiance beautiful and cheerful, these flowers give a ray of hope. 

Yes, these are not like roses and orchids but they are one of the most liked flowers. They are unusual yet they will be enough to add beauty to the environment. You can make a sunflower bouquet and give it to your friend, family, and anybody you adore. They are definitely not the romantic ones but they will definitely uplift your mood and set the vibe right.



Are you seeking for flowers that are perfect to express your love and show how much you like your partner? Lilies are the perfect fit for the situation. This valentine, make a bouquet of lilies or buy one and gift it to your love. The stargazer lilies are always the showstoppers and they will always find ways to cherish the one you love. 

You can pair the lilies with a variety of flowers like roses, daisies, and sunflowers and you can make one pretty huge bouquet that will depict love, enthusiasm, and beauty all at the same time. This is an amazing idea and you should definitely give it a try. 



Carnations are also called the first wedding anniversary flowers and they are fragrant, popular and are often used in wedding arrangements. These flowers look really pretty and are used for decors on many beautiful occasions. 

You can choose the best one for the perfect moment, they are available in a variety of colors and types. Something that makes these flowers more amazing is their extra-essence and charm. You can have a white carnation bouquet to wish luck and purity, light red carnations for admiring someone and die-heart love is expressed using red carnations. You get one for everyone you love.  

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Everyone must have heard about this cheerful and bright flower. Daisies are the only flowers that depict cheerfulness and they bring a smile on everybody’s face. You can use a bouquet of lilies containing white and yellow lilies to show your empathy for someone you actually adore. 

These are common flowers and are easily found, so you can get it anywhere and these flowers represent innocence and friendship. You can gift this to the one you love romantically or one of your friend, they are the perfect fit for both these relations. 

There are many other flowers like chrysanthemums that express optimism and joy, ranunculus that symbolizes attractiveness and charm as well as alstroemeria that symbolize devotion and friendship. You can always opt for a bouquet of flowers to see that pretty smile and the person will be delighted for this sweet yet special gesture. 

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