Succession Finale Mystery Solved: Here’s What That Smirk Really Meant!


After two months the finale of Succession‘s Season 2 will hit the theatres. There’s been a crack in this mysterious case containing Logan’s much-debated smirk.

A masterpiece. Excoriating, vicious, bleakly hilarious take on modern power. It would be easy to call it Shakespearean, which it is, but it is also so much more. Each character is beautifully written and the cast is all exceptional.

The writing is some of the best ever seen and heard. The super-rich, specifically a media mogul and his family members are forever wondering who is where in the hierarchy. They are nearly always wrong. Power is always in flux and the fight to gain it or maintain it is everyone’s struggle. Love is just a chip to get to the table.

Every family members’ partner is a supplicant in some way. His journey alone is extraordinary, but every character has their own journey, and each is fascinating.

Set among the backdrop of the one-presenters in America and loosely based on a true American media empire family. Patriarch Logan Roy and his morally bankrupt children who crave and compete for the love and acceptance of their father take center stage in this series. If you find this story arch familiar trust me Succession does it in a whole new way.

How HBO manages the ordinary plot setting and makes it into an entertaining, addictive. This show is perhaps the most underrated show of 2018. The show at first given its many times tried storyline. The characters are authentic, the atmosphere is compelling, production design lives up to HBO’s standard.

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