the Showrunner of the Walking Dead Season Revealed Important News About Comic Characters!

The Walking Dead

The showrunner of the walking dead Angela Kang teases the storyline of the season 11. The tenth season has aired half and now diverge from the comic book because it has adapted the creator Robert Kirkman.

The reason behind is that the characters and circumstances are different from the book.

It has confirmed that the season 11 will be without comic stars in which grimes, Rick, Son Carl and Michonne included.

As you know, the commonwealth is the house of 50,000 survivors. The story looks the end game of the walking dead comics.

Kang said in an interview something is freeing after knowing that the comic characters have ended in the walking dead season 11.

Moreover, when fans and media ask about challenges. Angela said there are lots of problems. It is because we are trying to repeat ourselves and figure out the ways to deepen the stars.

The walking dead season 10 has shown the evidence of comic plot with different characters of the show.

AMC has renewed the show for the eleventh season on 5th October 2019 and cleared that the show will not contain the comic book characters.

The walking dead season 10 will come on 23rd February 2020. However, the eleventh season will release in July 2020.

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