The Purge Season 2: Hawke is Returning for the finale of Purge Season 2!

The Purge Season 2

Here is the great news for all Hawke is coming back for the finale of the purging season 2. As you know, the second season of The purge is near to end.

The show is bringing some familiar face in which Ethan Hawke is top on the list. He was also in the first purge movie and now coming as James Sandin in the season 2. his character is dust, but he will appear as a flashback in the show.

Hawke Returns As James

Watch the wigs of Ethan Hawke, who returns as James. The original movie tries to protect the family from the invaders of the house during the pure night.

The Hawke will return from the episode ” Flash Back to One.” the protection system is a high tech security system that tested in the week.

Hawke Cameo in The US program

In the US program, Hawke appears for a cameo, but that was a game for that. I am surprised and just imagined how it could be after this cameo.

The finale of the season is titled as “7:01 am and ” Pose Night Rays On and Ryan, Esme, Marcus and Ben fight for their lives as well as for the loved ones. The episode will air on Tuesday on 17th December 2019 at US network.

The spinoff series is surprised to hear about the Hawke’s return. It has confirmed that Hawke will appear in the flashbacks in the finale of the season 2. So the fans can enjoy the first franchise movie.

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