The list of best series to binge watch if you are a thriller lover

best series to binge watch

Streaming TV brings entertainment to a new level altogether. You get non-stop action and incredible thrills from Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon. Some of their shows have unbelievable drama, action, and suspense. Check out these best series to binge watch, and have a wonderful time if you are a thriller lover.

False Flag: best series to binge watch for conspiracies

The Israeli drama series from Fox revolves around the lives of 5 strangers. The unique story involves these ordinary people in high-profile crimes. The suspenseful show keeps you guessing and wanting more. Are these five people responsible for kidnapping activities?

Yes, all the main actors are new faces to American viewers. But the show still managed to gather high ratings from reviewers. The themes of guilt, attention-seeking, and criminal past have a unique look and feel. The actress Ania Bukstein stands apart for her chameleon-like qualities and talent.

The Handmaid’s Tale: endearing show set in a dystopian future

This modern series got adapted from a novel, of the same name, by Margaret Atwood. The story starts in a bleak future with reduced fertility rates. Women or handmaids get forced into sex and child-bearing slavery. The show’s totalitarian society, set in imaginary Gilead, has a unique and gripping beauty.

Besides, the storytelling keeps your interest alive and kicking. The main character Offred brings up many moral dilemmas and ethical questions. And the actress Elisabeth Moss has given an intense and praiseworthy performance. Therefore, it is a must-watch series for those who aspire for uniqueness.

Jack Ryan: a political thriller with edgy action scenes

This show is all about the fictional CIA agent Ryan’s transformation. This best series to binge watch got adapted from Clancy’s epic novels. It tells a gripping story with a lot of suspense and thrills. The investigative side of the main character comes to the fore with great clarity and agility.

The show relies on the main story to do complete justice to the novels. It is engaging, entertaining, and beautifully written for TV. Besides, all the actors are excellent, and they deliver best performances. The photography also presents a colorful and intense tale for the viewer.

Homeland: a sensational series with pulsating action

This American show has become a critically appreciated thriller very quickly. It is famous for its high-end casting, superb drama, and political intrigue. The spy thriller captivates you with its beautiful character study. This top-rated show has an addictive quality because of its suspense.

Homeland provides non-stop thrills to the viewers. It offers pulsating action and unbelievable emotional twists and turns. It is one of the best dramas on TV in recent times, and all the awards and recognition speak volumes about its quality and beauty.

Black Mirror: sci-fi anthology with great twists

Young people are knowledgeable and discerning. They will not watch a show with interest unless it offers something new, and Black Mirror is one such series that keeps them hooked with its sci-fi thrills. The anthology showcases a hi-tech society with diabolical, weak, and awkward humans.

The series won over the admiration of both the fans and critics. Besides, it takes care to project technology as a neutral manifestation of human desires. But it also weaves suspenseful tales with sharp, imaginative beauty. And the show does all this in episodes with a run time of 60 to 90 minutes.

Narcos: best series to binge watch for suspense

The show tells the story of Columbian drug lord Pablo Escobar. It also highlights the efforts made by agents of the USA’s Drug Enforcement Administration (DAE). The series cleverly combines real story with beautiful filming. Its strength lies in strong character development and gripping drama.

The critics showered praises on this show for its superb writing too. The intense series is ideal for young viewers who are interested in thrilling drug cartel stories. The gangster drama presents real-life stories in a suspense and raw manner. The infamous figures and drug battles keep the viewers on the edges of their seats.

The Americans: unique show with spies and disguises

This spy series revisits the Cold War era in an interesting manner. The period thriller takes the viewers back to the 1980s. The main characters are two Soviet spies pretending to be an American couple. This show starts slowly but quickly picks up the pace with serious plots and riveting suspense.

This underrated show is also ideal for young and old generation. It has strong characters, and their disguises are very creative. Besides, the tension is built-up in a serious way to stimulate the viewer’s brain cells. The nail-biting show covers various themes like history, war, honor, moral dilemmas, and sacrifice.

Sneaky Pete: suspenseful caper with smart crimes

This crime drama is all about a highly talented conman. The suspenseful show has all the entertainment factors in its favor. It is one of the best series to binge watch for comedy, smart scenes, and talented acting.

Giovanni Ribisi gives an extraordinary performance as the con man on the run. He impersonates the identity of his cellmate, Pete, to escape from gangsters. The ensuing situations are not only engaging but also much unexpected. A must watch for all those TV viewers who like high-quality television.

Absentia: dramatic series with FBI agents

Modern-day TV viewers will love this suspenseful thriller with many twists and turns. The story revolves around a troubled FBI agent played by Stana Katic. She goes missing while trying to capture a infamous serial killer. Six years later, she has to prove her innocence while trying to regain her lost memory. The intriguing plot has a nice sprinkling of mystery too, and the acting and sets are outright best.

Ozark: gripping best series to binge watch

Ozark has all the elements of a fantastic crime drama. It has a quality plot with a financial planner who launders money for Mexican drug cartels. The series also has dark motives, sinister characters, and capable actors. The gritty series is ideal for watching as it has a steady and satisfying flow. And the high-quality writing introduces many surprising angles and twists.

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