13 Reasons Why Season 4: Here’s Everything About the Netflix’s Series that You Should Know

13 Reasons Why Season 4

13 reasons why season 3 released in August 2019 and now the fourth instalment is on the way. The third season was ended with regards to the passing of Bryce Walker.

Now let’s talk about the fourth season and when it will be available on Netflix?

Release Date of 13 Reason Why Season 4

Netflix came with the third instalment of 13 reasons why on 1st August 2019. Netflix does not yet reveal the fourth season release date. It is hard to say anything about the landing date of the fourth show.

However, if we saw the previous schedule first came in 2017 then second in 2018 and third in August 2019. Therefore it could be said that the fourth will air in 2020.

The trailer of season four is not yet revealed. We’ll update you regarding trailer when we would receive any news.

Who Will Come Back in Season 4?

In the upcoming season, Katherine Langford, who was in the first two seasons and did not appear in third as Hannah Baker. Now some are saying that she can appear in flashbacks of next season.

Besides, Kate Walsh, as Olivia Baker and Brian d’Arcy James as Andy Baker, will include the fourth instalment. Bryce was the important character of season three; meanwhile, Justin Prentice’s character has died.

However, there are chances that he will come back in flashbacks. Derek Luke, who was an ordinary Liberty High School’s advisor, terminated in the second season. However, reappear in season three and hopefully appear in the fourth season.

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