Cartoon Network Shows of the 90s to Relive Your Childhood

cartoon network shows of the 90s

Cartoon Network shows of the 90s! Does this phrase bring back a thousand memories to you? Do you recall the memories of the ‘little you’ watching television? Every kid born in the 90s will definitely have a nostalgia attached to them. But the 90s cartoons are shows you’ll enjoy no matter you were born in the 90s or not.

All old cartoon shows take you down the memory lane and bring back the lost child in you. We’ll help you relive the past you now miss! Let’s go down the beautiful memory lane and see the best cartoon network shows of the 90s.

Best Cartoon Network Shows of the 90s

Here we’ve got a list of some best 90s cartoon shows. You’ll surely relive the past and recall all the beautiful memories these cartoon shows left back. More so, some imprints that have been hidden for years. So, are you ready to go back and find the ‘little you’?

Let’s see what the best cartoon network shows of the 90s are:

Tom & Jerry

You will find hardly anyone around the world who hasn’t watched the natural and funny rivals of Tom and Jerry. It’s a famous and favorite show for every kid. Adults too enjoy this show.

The series revolves around Tom trying to eat or captivate Jerry. But Jerry comes up with creative ways to rescue himself from Tom.

Tom happens to be the Cat, and Jerry is the mouse in the show. You can watch Tom and Jerry episodes again and again, but never get bored of it.

Popeye, The Sailor

Popeye is a sailor, but the key to his strength is his spinach can. It’s an adventurous series that first came out in the newspaper. But by the time it was telecasted on cartoon network, Popeye, the sailor already gained immense popularity.

Powerpuff Girls

If you think about feminism in cartoons, Powerpuff Girls will top the list. It was the first 90s cartoon show that showed about feminism.

The series had three cute girls- Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup. They showed their immense fierceness and were warriors that could fight any situation.

The Jungle Book

You’ve surely numerous adaptions of The Jungle Book. From movies to many more TV series, but the animation series in the 90s on cartoon network was simply the best.

If you haven’t seen it, then you’ve definitely missed out on one of the best adaptions. It was fun and extremely enjoyable to watch. The way Mowgli grew up between the wolves, and the fun with Bagheera and Baloo will leave you in amaze!

Dexter’s Laboratory

Do you need to know more about this? Dexter’s Laboratory was one of the cartoons from the 90s and early 2000s. Kids even today has seen how much of a genius Dexter is. Dee Dee was a problem maker, and would disturb Dexter. It’s remarkable series. If you haven’t watched it yet, download it now!

The Scooby-Doo show

Do you seriously need an introduction to this? Scooby is the name of a dog with extreme intelligence. The gang and Scooby were a mystery finder. In the beginning, these mysteries appeared to be goofy and supernatural, but it wasn’t so. As Scooby and the gang would dig deep, they used to find a human behind all the mysterious deeds.

All of them had an intelligence spark of their own and showed it whenever the situation required it. It’s one the best among all the investigative cartoon network shows of the 90s.

The Looney Tunes Show

Is Bugs Bunny your favorite star? Then we’re sure you’ve seen this lovely show on cartoon network. You’ll find the show having so many more characters apart from Bugs Bunny and Daffy, his roommate. These other characters are Bugs Bunny’s neighbors who are extremely playful and come in bright colors. Some of the neighbors are Tweety, Granny, Lola Bunny, Sylvester, Gossamer, Elmer Fudd, Pete Puma, Porky Pig, Tina Russo, Marvin the Martian, Yosemite Sam and many others.

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Even more, Bugs Bunny is so famous around the world that many franchises have comic books, video games, toys, films and more TV series. Bugs Bunny is also famous in the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Batman: The Animated Series

You can easily call this the best-animated series of Batman so far. The series focusses on the comic of the Dark Knight. You can relate to the other characters too in the series. But you will have empathy for the villains too. Even though, it’s a comical series, you’ll still feel the sentiments that the show portrays.

Johnny Bravo

Haven’t you seen this muscular man before? We’re sure you’ve watched him on TV even today. It’s a very popular and old cartoon show that airs today too. The story revolves around this muscular, boorish man who tries to woo women. He desperately tries very hard to take women on a date but eventually fails to do so. You can taste the humor and innocence when you see Jonny Bravo.

The Mask: Animated Series

This animation series for sure is a lot different from The Mask movie that starred Jim Carrey. You can say that the animation is influenced but not identical at all. Moreover, the series dropped out on many characters that the movie has.

But if you watch this series, it’ll keep you giggling all through. But you must keep in mind not relate the movie to this series. Only then you can enjoy every bit of the animation.


This animation series revolves around Ash and Pikachu. When Ash Ketchum turns ten years old, he wishes to become a Pokemon master. But he oversleeps and arrives late to Professor Oak. He finds out that the only Pokemon left to train him was Pikachu.

The story revolves around Ash and Pikachu becoming friends. Even more, coming across many other Pokemon friends. As the series goes forward, they become very close to each other. You will really enjoy the true friendship and journey of Ash turning into a Pokemon master.

The Road Runner Show

The Road Runner Show is also one of the most famous cartoon network shows of the 90s. It’s about an octane bird who can run at a very high speed. More so, by running so fast he could leave a trail burning and ripple down the pavements. Even more, he can roll up as easily you roll a carpet up.

Another character in this animation series is Wile E. Coyote who imagines himself to be the most intelligent man. When he thinks of catching this fast-running bird, he fails. Numerous tricks, weapons and dynamites could not help this intelligent man. You will laugh till your cheeks hurt if you see The Road Runner Show. So, are you going to watch it now?

The Addams Family

When you see this series even today, you will find an unbreakable family bond. The characters live in Happydale Heights and face challenges every day. You’ll find the series to have villains who want to take away their home and try out new tricks every day.

Although, the plots seem much like a challenging situation adults face on a day to day basis, but it is absolutely kid-friendly. You can never get bored watching the Addams Family.

Some more cartoons of the 90s

Apart from Cartoon Network, there were more channels like POGO, Disney, and more, to telecast some of the best kid’s show. Check out some of the best ones:

The New Adventures of Winnie The Pooh

Wasn’t Winne, Piglet, and Tigger your favorite cartoon stars? Don’t you still have a diary that have posters of Winne in it? If you have that, then old cartoon shows of the 90s were the reason for that.

When you watch such a series, you’re definitely learning a new lesson and giggling at the same time. What more would you want?

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Among many old cartoon shows, Pingu is also a favorite for most children in the 90s. If you’ve seen it, then you’ll know Pingu is a penguin. He lives in an igloo with his baby sister and parents. They live in a town known as Pinga, and the language they speak in is Penguinese.

The series circles around Pingu falling into an irksome situation every time. But he comes out of the problem, and learns moral for life.  You just simply cannot miss out on the cute tales of Pingu.

Bob the Builder

Can you find a much more enthusiastic builder than Bob? Who other than Bob can make building look so much fun? It’s a show that revolves around Bob and his assistant Wendy. Bob also pets a cat called Pilchard. Even the machines that help in making building can talk in the show. Doesn’t that sound so much fun? With such fun and frolic all over the episodes, you’ll surely want to be a builder when you grow up. If you haven’t watched this fun construction who builds with utmost passion. So, just start downloading now!

Make Way for Noddy

The creator of this wonderful character is Enid Blyton. Later, it was turned into a Tv series and become one of the most popular among all the cartoon network shows of the 90s.

The show has characters like Big Ears, Tessie Bear, Dinah Doll, Mr. Plod and many more who live in Small Town. Noddy also lives in Small Town with his pet Bumpy Dog. The story revolves around two mischievous goblins Sly and Gobbo who are up to tricks in Small Town all the time. Noddy and all the other characters solve the new problems these goblins create every day. You will really enjoy watching this series. Even more, why not learn morals of life after every episode?


You will find this series to have six students from elementary school and their daily journey in school. Teachers and other school students are the secondary characters of this series. The recess in the yard of the school premises is the major plot of this beautiful animation.

If you have watched this show in school or even see it today, you’ll find different aspects in it that are way ahead of time. The students voice out their opinions on simple yet intricate issues and how they come to a solution. You’ll get it all in this show.

Mr. Bean

The list of cartoon network shows of the 90s is incomplete without having Mr. Bean in it. You can call him a fool, dumb or buffoon, but you just cannot deny the laugh the look of this man gives you.

You’ll mostly see him in a suit and red tie that gives Mr. Bean an attractive look. Have you imagined what if you were Mr. Bean? Life is going to be really difficult if that happened. He struggles with simple tasks and finds the most unique way to solve it too. Bean teaches us to be happy in our own way. You will laugh but also learn a lot from this character. His favorite and only companion is his teddy, that only talks to him. You’ll find Mr. Bean not to talk much but his deeds do the talking.

The old cartoon shows of Mr. Bean that show up on cartoon network are just the best animation series you’ll find.

Duck Tales

Duck Tales is 90s cartoons India telecasted even after it was stopped in 1990. The fun and theme song this show had is missed by anyone who has seen it once. You will find the tales to be so simple yet so close to heart. If you’ve not seen it yet, watch it on YouTube right now!

Last Thoughts

Scrolling down the list of cartoon network shows of the 90s, has definitely brought a smile on your face. You’ve probably gone down the memory lane with a series of nostalgic moments.

The positivity and happiness old cartoon shows give, many movies may lack the ability to do so. There is no age to watch cartoons and relive your childhood. You can always watch them on a gloomy day to bring back that lost smile to your face.

Even though, many cartoon network shows of the 90s are not presently being aired. But thanks to our smartphones. You can always go on YouTube to watch these classic and iconic series.

We’ve given some of the best cartoons to enjoy any free time you have. Do watch them and smile just like the child you were years back!

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