What Is Chris Hemsworth Net Worth as of 2020

chris hemsworth net worth 2020

In the deceptive and dynamic annals of pop culture, Chris Hemsworth has etched his own indelible mark in that space. The burgeoning popularity of the beloved Marvel franchise has propelled him to a status that is well beyond conventional stardom. The actor’s on-screen charisma and candor have helped him further consolidate on that. Chris Hemsworth along with his brothers Liam and Luke are among the most renowned set of siblings in show business. The three of them are successful and pretty established actors with a stellar record of filmography among them. Additionally, their proven track record results in them being the cynosure of all directors’ eyes. Consequently, all of this reflects in Chris Hemsworth net worth being quite generous.

As of 2020, Chris Hemsworth net worth stands around an approximate $131 million dollars. This figure is substantially above his fellow Marvel co-star’s Chris Evans net worth of around $70 million. Clearly, this is testimony to the fact that that actor is among the most commercially viable in all of Hollywood. However, his journey to the top rungs was not without his own set of trials and tribulations. Before landing his career-defining Marvel contract, Hemsworth underwent a rigorous journey to drive home his mettle as an actor. The objective of this article is to enable the reader to gain insight into the actor’s life. Subsequently, it should also help them interpret the underlying struggles of that handsome Chris Hemsworth net worth they chatter about.

The early life of Chris Hemsworth

Born on 11 August in the year of 1983, Chris is based in Melbourne, Australia. While his father Craig Hemsworth was a social-services counselor, mother Leonie was a teacher of the English subject. Between himself, Luke, and Liam, Chris is the middle sibling. Although he is primarily based in Australia, Hemsworth’s ancestry and genealogy are rather interesting. His maternal grandparents are said to be Dutch and Irish descent (grandfather and grandmother respectively). This is largely owed to the fact that Chris’s maternal grandfather was a Dutch immigrant himself.

On the other hand, Chris’s paternal side spells a whole set of different ancestries altogether. The line of his parental lineage creases itself in English, Scottish as well as German ancestries. A St. Patrick’s celebration post on Liam Hemsworth’s Instagram feed is the testimony of the Hemsworth’s reverence to their Irish genealogy.

For a brief part of his life, his upbringing alternated between Melbourne and the Australian Outback in Bulman, Northern Territory. Life here in the Outback was rather rustic and rudimentary and seems to have left quite an impression on him. An artist’s temper is often a culminated consequence of the days of his upbringing. Chris’s merit might as well be attributed to the primitive walks of life that he experienced back in his Outback.

In many public occasions, Chris has been noted making vivid recollections of his life in the Northern Territory. He has been often noted saying that his earliest memories largely stem from his childhood in the Bulmani cattle stations. The contrast of living mannerisms between Melbourne and Bulman was a matter of thorough amusement to a pre-pubescent Chris.

Luke and Liam

Chris Hemsworth is said to enjoy a very successful and healthy relationship with his siblings, Luke and Liam. Both Chris Hemsworth’s brother are successful actors in their own right. While Luke was always sure of his acting inclination, Liam wasn’t particularly streamlined. Prior to breaking into the movie industry, Liam had a job of laying floors for around 6 months.

Eager to follow into the footsteps of his elder brother, Liam sincerely started taking part in school plays. Much later he would find his first professional break in the form of guest appearances in Australian television. Soap operas “Home and Away” and “McLeod’s Daughters” saw a young Liam Hemsworth donning his acting shoes for the very first time. It was when he moved to US in 2009 to focus more on his craft, his career really took off.

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Liam’s first major acting gig was in the Julie Ann Robinson and Nicholas Spark’s 2010 feature The Last Song.  His portrayal as Gale Hawthorne in the 2012 Hunger Games feature was his eventual ticket to fame. During this time, he was also approached by director Kenneth Brannagh for the casting of Thor for the titular role. However, he would eventually end up losing this role to elder brother Chris Hemsworth.

This role would go on to substantially provide Chris Hemsworth net worth. Eldest brother Luke started his foray into acting with his training at the National Institute of Dramatic Art. Mainly a television actor his acting credits stem from Neighbours, Heelers, All Saints, and Last Man Standing. His claim to fame lays in his portrayal of Ashley Stubbs in the blockbuster HBO sci-fi series Westworld.

Elsa Pataky – A pillar of strength

Spanish Model and actress Elsa Pataky tied the knot with Chris Hemsworth during the Christmas of 2010. Earlier that year the duo had chanced to come across each other courtesy their mutual representatives. Later that year the couple started dating which eventually culminated in their marriage during the Christmas holidays of the same year. Snakes on a Plane (2006), Giallo (2009) and Give ‘Em Hell, Malone (2009) render Pataky her acting credits. Bigas Luna directed the 2010 Spanish drama feature Di Di Hollywood saw Pataky donning the shoes of the titular role DiDi. In Hollywood, she is mostly known for her role as Elena Neves in the Fast and the Furious franchise. With her current endorsements, Elsa Pataky net worth stands at a staggering $5 million.

Chris Hemsworth wife has been a continuous pillar of support in his life. Ever since their wedlock, the Australian actor has always been effusively praiseful about his wife. In 2012 the two begot a daughter by the name of India Rose. Twin sons Tristan and Sasha graced the couple’s life in the month of March in 2014. Elsa and Chris are among the most followed celebrity couples of this current generation. Both Chris and Elsa are highly protective of their personal lives and try to avoid the glare of the camera. A majority of their public sightings occur during the time of film festivals or the premieres of their films. In 2015, shortly after a year of their twins’ birth, the couple decided to shift base. They moved from Los Angeles to Byron Bay in Chris’s native Australia.

 Chris Hemsworth – The Actor

A large portion of Chris hemsworth net worth is owed in large to his exploits as an A-list actor. Hemsworth began his career humbly by lending his talent to a number of Australian television serials. The fantasy television series Guinevere Jones gave Hemsworth his first substantially recognizable role in the television space. He got the opportunity to play the role of King Arthur in a couple of episodes on the show. Shortly after he would go on to land the role that would make him more visible in the entertainment industry. It was in the form of Alan Bateman created Australian television shop opera show Home and Away. Eventually rejected for the role of Robbie Hunter in the show, he would eventually go on to play Kim Hyde.

His stint with the show lasted for an impressive one hundred and seventy-one (171) episodes. It was a huge boost to Chris Hemsworth net worth at the time as well. Although the show bolstered his popularity and stabilized his reputation, he quit the show in 2007.  Hemsworth attributed his decision towards his career growth. He would go on to say that his role in a soap opera kept him from garnering respect from the film industry. During this time, he was also a contestant on the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars Australia. On the set of the show, Hemsworth was partnered with professional dancer Abbey Ross. He lasted on the show for a period of 6 weeks before his eventual elimination on November 7, 2006.

Major Breakthroughs

The year 2009 saw Chris Hemsworth landing his first considerably recognizable role on the big screen. This opportunity opened itself up to him in the form of crowd favorite sci-fi J.J Abram’s Star Trek. In the opening scenes of the movie, Chris got to play the role of James T. Kirk’s father George Kirk. The film was an indisputable box office success with gross collections exceeding $385 million. Even though Hemsworth had a mere 5-minute cameo in the movie, his screen presence attracted considerable traction.

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His performance as George Kirk earned him a lot of rave reviews from critics all over. One particularly emphatic response came in the form of Cinema Blend critic Josh Tyler. He termed Hemsworth’s cameo in the movie as the best five minutes he had spent in a movie that year. Post this movie, Chris Hemsworth started grabbing the limelight.

Another major success presented itself to Hemsworth in the form of a 2009 crime thriller “A Perfect Getaway”. The movie was written and directed by David Twohy and saw Timothy Olyphant and Mila Jovovich in the lead. Although the film was released to lukewarm reviews, Hemsworth managed to garner plenty of reception for himself. He portrayed the role of Kale in this movie. A young Hemsworth was said to have been appropriately intimidating in his role as a thuggish backpacker. Even though the film was made on a modest budget of $14 million, it managed to gross $22 million overall. Star Trek and A Perfect Gateway paved the way for a young Hemsworth as an actor worth his salt.

The Marvel Era

In the year of 2011, it was officially announced that Hemsworth would play the role of Thor in the MCU.  This announcement would prove to be a turning point in the professional career of the actor. Thus far known for his gritty and seemingly unforgettable roles, Hemsworth now had a chance to fully exercise his stardom. The release of Thor in 2011 caused ripples across the movie industry. With a worldwide collection of $449.3 million, Thor ended up being the 15th highest-grossing film of 2011. Chris Hemsworth net worth soon became the talk of the town. Hemsworth’s role as the God of thunder made him a well-known figurehead in households all across the globe.

In the following year, Hemsworth reprised his role as Thor Odinson in the 2012 MCU blockbuster Avengers. In the film, he was cast alongside his fellow Marvel actors Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans among others. The film was a raging success on both the critical and the audience fronts. Worldwide it managed to mint a whopping $1.519 billion at the box office. Apart from establishing Marvel as a force extraordinaire, the movie also propelled Hemsworth to unparalleled levels of stardom.

Over the following years, Thor got a couple of standalone sequels in the form of The Dark World and Ragnarok. Apart from starring in the Thor trilogy, Hemsworth also starred in the Avengers sequels as well. Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: End game was his subsequent acting credits. The long-term and fruitful association with MCU augured really well for Chris Hemsworth net worth.

Success outside MCU

Hemsworth’s acting exploits were not just confined to the boundaries of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His ravishing performances outside the beloved and much-celebrated franchise managed to turn heads his way. Ron Howard’s 2013 sports and action feature Rush is one such credit to his name. The film revolved around the chronicles of the much-famed James Hunt and Niki Lauda rivalry. In the role of James Hunt, Hemsworth arguably delivered the performance of a lifetime.

Another success came in the form of Rupert Sanders’ 2012 fantasy feature Snow White and the Huntsman. Hemsworth in the shoes of the Huntsman was at the receiving end of decent critical appreciation.

Concluding Remarks

Chris Hemsworth net worth is owed in large to the excessive efforts and sincerity the actor has exercised through years. His current rank among Forbes’ World’s highest-paid actors is rightfully merited by him. With every role that he takes up, he manages to forge a closer bond with his devout fan-base. Even with the culmination of the current Avengers saga, Hemsworth’s lovability and stardom stand to receive no tangible dent.

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