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Jack Black Wife

One of the popular searches on the internet is ‘Who is Jack Black wife?’. It is none other than musician and visual artist Tanya Haden. 

Theirs is a love story worth a musical. Comedian and actor Jack Black and his musician wife Tanya Haden have been married since March 2006.

Here is everything that you want to know about Jack Black wife and children. Let us see what Jack Black has to say about his wife and children. How is their family life? Are they still married? Plus all the juicy details.

Who is Tanya Haden?

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Tanya Haden is an American musician. She is the daughter of American jazz double bass player, bandleader, composer, and educator Charlie Haden. She has inherited her love for music from her father.

Tanya is one of the triplet sisters. Her other sisters Petra and Rachel are musicians too. Petra plays the violin. And Rachel plays the violin and bass guitar. Together the sisters have a band called The Haden Triplets. They also have a brother Josh Haden. He is a bass guitarist and singer too.

Tanya Haden was born in New York on October 11, 1971. She had met Jack Black when they were in high school. It was a private high school in Santa Monica called Crossroads School. Black and Haden started dating much later, in 2005. As Black told Parade in 2015, “I didn’t date Tanya or talk to her or anything in high school. I was pretty shy. I just watched her from afar. We only started dating like 20 years after high school.”

Tanya Haden’s Career

Jack Black Wife
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As a Musician

  • Tanya performs with her sisters as a member of The Haden Triplets. They released their first album on February 4, 2014. The record featured the three sisters on their respective instruments.
  • Besides this, Jack Black wife was a member of many bands like Let’s Go Sailing. She has also created the Imaginary Bear puppet show.
  • Tanya Haden has been a part of several recordings of many musicians in Los Angeles. For some, she contributed to vocals, and for some by playing the cello. For instance, she joined as the cellist on Par Avion’s EP, Pop Music United.
  • Haden was an additional member of the band Silversun Pickups, where she performed as a cellist. She has earned quite a name for herself in the Los Angeles area.
  • Other popular bands Haden has played the cello for are the indie folk band Sea Wolf and the rock band The Warlocks for their album Surgery in 2005.
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As an Artist

Tanya Haden received her MFA degree from the California Institute of the Arts. She majored in experimental animation. Apart from being a musician, Haden has made contributions to visual art. She has exhibited in several shows. In 2010, she had a show in Las Cienegas Projects. And in 2015, Haden had a one-artist exhibition showing her drawings in the Rosamund Felsen Gallery, one of the most prestigious and longest-running art galleries in Los Angeles.

Jack Black Wife and Kids

Jack Black Wife
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Jack Black and Tanya Haden got married on March 14, 2006, in Big Sur, California. They have two sons –

The elder one was born on June 10, 2006, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. His name is Samuel. Their second son, Thomas, was born on May 23, 2008. Being children of musicians and hailing from a family of musicians, the sons are also inclined in the same direction.

In an interview with PEOPLE in 2023, Black mentioned that he always encourages his boys to pursue their musical passions. The boys don’t like me to talk about it. But they don’t want Black to spill the beans on ‘their adventures in that arena’.

He says that he is very proud of them whenever they flex their creativity muscles. Black finds it cool to be in close proximity with Black’s wife side of the family. They sometimes jam together where they do couple concerts.  Black finds it really fun and a really great experience.

Tanya and Jack’s elder son also has developed an interest in filmmaking. As Jack told PEOPLE, “Sammy, my 15-year-old, gets a kick out of some of my stories that I tell him about Hollywood adventures. He was like, ‘Hey, can I make a movie about some of your Hollywood adventures? But I won’t say that it’s you. I’m like, ‘You bet. You go. Run with it, my son. My stories are your stories. That is what I can bestow upon you.’”

Is Jack Black Still Married?

According to reliable sources, Jack Black and Tanya Haden are still married and are raising their children in the Jewish faith. Jack Black wife has even performed with him on several occasions, such as –

  • In one of his movies – The actor of Kung Fu Panda fame lent his voice to the animated character Po. Haden also made an appearance alongside him as Smitten Bunny in the movie in 2008.
  • Black is the lead vocalist of the comedy rock band Tenacious D along with Kylie Gass. Jack Black wife also teams up with him occasionally for special performances. Together they have some memorable performances, such as the rendition of Shallow in 2019. By doing a humorous take on the Academy Award-winning song sung by Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga from the film A Star Is Born, Black had his fans in stitches on his YouTube channel.
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Call it love or gelling very well, Black told PEOPLE he would ‘love to collaborate’ with Haden again.

Changed Perspective on Marriage

Tanya Haden Black Wife
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Jack credits his wife for changing his outlook toward marriage. Due to the divorce of his parents, Black developed an aversion to marriage. But having married Tanya Haden, Jack told Parade and The Guardian, that he is content with his married life.

Jack Black maintains that before Tanya, he had always felt like marriage was not for him. This could be because of his parents. He says, “I didn’t like the way it worked out with my parents. I didn’t ever want to be in a divorce, so I was never going to get married … What makes it work? I love her! I’d had decades of flings where, as soon as it was over, I was looking for the exit. I never feel the need to escape with Tanya.”

A few years after his children were born, he told The Guardian that he feels at home with his wife and kids all the time now. He doesn’t go out for wild nights. It’s a lonely existence just floating around without a life partner, according to him. With other people he has been with, even when he was with them, he’d feel alone. When they found each other, it seemed really obvious. When he is with his wife, he has this great feeling of sharing experiences. He does not feel alone in the universe because he has got her beside him. He claims that he is a bit of a romantic.

Final Thoughts

From what he says, we believe life with Jack Black wife is what dreams are made of. Their love story and their successful married life can be a perfect plot for a movie. She is a self-made person who has carved out her own space in the world of music. At the same time, she has also brought about positive changes in Black’s life. Together they have two beautiful sons. They are giving them enough space to find their true calling. Jack Black and his wife are setting massive couple and parenting goals for present and future generations.

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