4 Fun Games You Can Play With Friends & Family Online

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Throughout our lives many obstacles arise, separating ourselves from friends and family. And whether it’s a global pandemic like COVID-19 or simple long-distance, online games close the gap. They provide topics of conversation and a competitive edge, not to mention endless fun.

However, choosing the right game — for the right people — is no amateur task. Our social circle tends to be varied, split between siblings, friends, and parents. So the question begs to be asked: What are the most appropriate games to play so everyone has fun? 

Drawing upon my college experiences, I will explore the best online games to stay in touch with everyone back home. 

What to play with your siblings

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Being the youngest of three, I watched my older brother and sister fly the nest long before myself. Staying in contact from a distance is something we mastered at an early age. By the time college came around, we each lived at different points of the country. Thankfully our interest in the same game kept us in contact and made a big difference. 

It’s no surprise we found a common ground playing against each other in online poker; our sibling competitiveness has never waivered. Trying to outwit and bluff each other remains a great source of fun. All we are after is the bragging rights over each other, and deciding who wears the crown heading into the next week’s game.

Fancy giving online poker a try? The basics are easy to pick up, you can also learn extra tips and tricks with guides at OnlineCasinos. Although we play using online casino games indian, wagering money is kept to a minimum. We tend to stick with the free to play options, that way only pride is at stake. Online poker is ultimately about competing with loved ones. Thinking about a cash prize only detracts from the fun of it all. 

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What to play with your parents 

Leaving home and moving hundreds of miles away was difficult, but perhaps, for no one more than my parents. After a while the weekly phone calls home grew stale, the conversation felt like scraping the barrel clean. 

My parents have never been avid gamers, or even possess and interest in it. But we needed something. Luckily mum and dad are a creative duo, which plays into their love of general knowledge. Our phone calls quickly developed around online quizzes and pub trivia. We would play along with Sporcle challenges and on special occasions, take turns in creating our own quiz nights; sometimes even inviting other members of the family along for the ride. 

There is nothing more fun than playing online quiz games with your family and friends. Depending on the topic in question, it’s universally loved, and guaranteed to bring us closer. Whether you use Sporcle to find mutual topics — like Premier League top scorers — or interactive resources such as Kahoot, where you can get creative and share quizzes online. 

Also, Australia Darwin Cricket League is about to start from 6th June so you can also bet online there with your friends and play fantasy cricket.

What to play with friends

What changes most when you head to college is your friendship groups. I was fortunate enough to know that I’d always have my family no matter what. But friends can drift as time passes and it’s easy to lose touch over distance. Although I lost contact with an inevitable few, many friendships have been maintained through online gaming. Our shared passion has been an excuse to keep in contact: those raids weren’t going to beat themselves. 

At the time, our game of choice was Destiny, a looter shooter RPG perfect for socializing. Nothing beats jumping into a four-man party with your mates and defeating Atheon in The Vault of Glass. Social video games like Destiny are incredibly fun, offering a digital way to spend time with friends.

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Fast forward to the present day and the release of Destiny 2. Bungie’s franchise has a love or hate reputation amongst hardcore gamers. And that’s in part to its divisive issues: poor storytelling, vapid characters, and dastardly microtransactions. But the truth is, the game is more accessible than ever. If you want to waste some time, shoot alien robots, and reconnect with friends, there is no greater online experience. Better yet, Destiny 2 has gone free to play, so there’s no need to spend any money at all; avoid the microtransactions and you’ll have hours of free fun. 

What to play with grandparents

Trying to connect with my grandparents during my days at college was a reminder of how reliant on technology we have become. For older generations technology isn’t second nature, and it takes time to adapt. Online games are no fun unless they are usable and familiar.  

However, as for my nan, she has always been capable of using a mobile. So my dad installed a plugin app for her messenger. With me losing each time, we challenged each other had been able to have fun with next to no technical issues. Regardless of wins and losses, it was a fun and easy way to remain in contact. 

Playing through text is great for turn-based games. And by using plugins like GamesPigeon you have tons of options, simply send out challenges like you would with an emoji. But my nan isn’t everyone, sometimes you have to waiver the online world and come to others. After all, there’s nothing wrong with a good board game. 

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College was a scary adjustment period and playing online games with everyone back home was a reminder that I was supported but missed. If you’ve found yourself isolating during the pandemic or moving away from loved ones, consider giving online gaming try.

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