What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce

What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce

Believe it or not but if you get married, you sign up for a divorce. Of course, separation is the last thing a couple thinks of when tying the knot. But anything can happen in the future, and the drastically high divorce rates prove that. So, what percentage of marriages end in divorce?

Today, we’ll discuss the prevalence of divorce in different countries, along with some common reasons why divorce occurs and how you can avoid them.

Let’s get started.

What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce?

Let’s come straight to the answer. The global average ranges between 30% and 40%. This number could seem high or low to you, depending on where you live. The prevalence of a divorce after marriage varies significantly between countries.

What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce
What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce

For better understanding, let’s discuss the top five countries with the lowest and highest divorce rates. Let’s begin with the lowest first.

What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce: Low Rates

  • India: 1%
  • Vietnam: 7.02%
  • Tajikistan: 10.37%
  • Seychelles: 10.92%
  • Malta: 12.07%

What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce: High Rates

  • Russia: 73.58%
  • Luxembourg: 64.52%
  • Portugal: 58.52%
  • Spain: 58.82%
  • Finland: 55.81%

What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce: Major Countries

  • Brazil: 21.21%
  • Germany: 38.78%
  • United Kingdom: 40.91%
  • Australia: 43.48%
  • China: 44.44%
  • United States: 44.62%

Feel free to follow this report by the United Nations to get divorce data about each country.

If you look at what percentage of marriages end in divorce, you’ll see a noticeable trend. The prevalence of divorce is significantly less in the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia. The divorce rates are drastically high in the East and West

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What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce: Key Reasons

Don’t let these numbers scare you. If you’re a Russian marrying a Russian, you might think that there’s a 75% chance of your marriage ending up in divorce. That’s not how it works. Divorces don’t happen because of country or ethnicity. They happen due to a lack of compatibility and understanding between partners.

Here are some major reasons why so many marriages end in divorce.

What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce
What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce

Hurried Marriage

A hasty marriage decision is a big cause of divorce. Many couples meet each other and get married within no time. It’s essential to understand the difference between real love and short-lived passion or attraction.

Marriage is a life-long commitment, so you shouldn’t marry someone just because you seem to like them. You must spend enough time with each other to determine if you both are the right fit for each other or not.

Lack of Compatibility

Love is important for a successful marriage, but it isn’t enough. If there’s an incompatibility between the two people, it could lead to a divorce. Lack of compatibility can occur in various areas of life, such as:

  • Shared values
  • Religious issues
  • Young age
  • Sexual problems

Lack of Commitment

Another big issue that leads to divorce is a lack of commitment. If one partner isn’t committed enough to the other person, the chances of a marriage ending up in a divorce are high. There’s no concrete reason why a partner loses commitment. It could just happen with time, and it’s something you have to deal with.

Money Problem

Money problems are a major cause of divorce. If one partner works and the other partner doesn’t, there could be disagreements on how the other partner spends money. If both the partners earn, the conflict can be on who pays for what. Money management is always challenging, and sometimes, it can lead to a divorce.

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Bad Habits or Addictions

A divorce can occur if one partner develops a bad habit or addiction. This could be substance abuse, smoking, drinking, gambling, etc. Bad habits also include domestic abuse and other behavioral changes that make it difficult for one person to stay with the other person.

Extramarital Affairs

This one is pretty self-explanatory. If one partner is in an extramarital affair, divorce is usually the only option. Please note that an extramarital affair doesn’t necessarily result in divorce. Sometimes, the partner realizes their mistake and makes things right. However, if the affair doesn’t stop, divorce is the only option

How to Avoid a Divorce?

Now, how can you prevent a divorce? Here are some effective tips for a happy married life.

Overlook What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce

Previously, we discussed that one in three marriages end in divorce. While the number is staggering, don’t let it induce negative emotions in your head. When marrying your dream partner, always think that you’ll be together forever.

Don’t Marry in Rush; Be Aware of What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce

As discussed, early marriages are a common reason for divorce. When people marry early, they lose interest by the time they reach middle age. Moreover, when you marry in a rush, you don’t get enough time to realize whether you are compatible as a couple. So, take your time before beginning those bridal speeches.

Compromises Are a Part of the Marital Life

If you’re marrying, be ready to make sacrifices. That’s how marriage works. Both the partners need to make compromises to ensure harmony and compatibility. So, learn to sacrifice things you love. You might need to give up on your friends or quit habits like video games or partying.

Be Faithful

If you want your marriage to last, you need to be faithful. Since extramarital affairs result in many divorces, staying faithful to your partner can go a long way in avoiding marriage issues. It’s alright if you feel like you’re feeling less connected towards your partner. Losing feelings with time is normal. However, that doesn’t mean you should fill that void with someone else

Wrapping Up: What Percentage of Marriages End in Divorce?

Though the percentage of marriages that end in divorce is high, that doesn’t mean a marriage can’t last. By understanding the causes of divorce and preventing them, you can live a happy married life without any hassles.

However, if you’re in Russia, Spain, Luxembourg, or other countries with high divorce rates, you’ll need to be a bit more cautious.

So, why do you think so many marriages end in divorce, and how can you avoid them?

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