R Kelly’s Bail Plea Rejected by Court; Accused of Rapping 100 Women

Awarded singer, musician, music producer and rapper Robert Sylvester Kelly (R Kelly) was arrested last month by a US court on charges of sexually assaulting and raping young men and women ).

R. Kelly was arrested on July 12 last month on charges of new sexual offenses and subsequently was charged with sexual offenses in court.

He was arraigned in a Massachusetts local court July 20 for indictment on R. Kelly, but could not be indicted.

R Kelly has been in jail since July 12 last month and was arraigned in New York on August 3 on charges of sexual offenses.

He could not be charged in a New York court like the Massachusetts court.

However, the court rejected the singer’s bail plea and sent him to jail.

R. Kelly could not be indicted in a New York court, and his bail application was rejected and he was jailed, according to Reuters news agency.

R Kelly is now facing court proceedings on charges of raping 20 more women, sexually assaulting them and transferring them for sexual favors and he is accused of sexually assaulting rapists by raping underage girls and young women on various occasions from 1990 to 2010, and he has been accused of raping about 100 women in total.

Against R. Kelly in sexual offenses, separate cases are under trial, in Los Angeles courts, including Massachusetts and New York, and if convicted on R. Kelly, he could face up to 10 to 20 years in prison and a fine.

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