Can Dogs Have Cherries

Can Dogs Have Cherries

Whether it is about managing cholesterol, blood pressure, or heart function, cherries are beneficial for all of them. Since we want our dogs to reap these health benefits, we may think, Can dogs have cherries?

Luckily, cherries fall into the category of fruits that mammals can have. Just make sure they don’t gulp one cherry at a time. Because cherries have pits inside which have toxic chemical compounds. While serving these fruits to your dog, serve him the flesh only and that too in small pieces.

Let’s figure out more about how cherries can bring merits and demerits to dogs’ lives.

Can Dogs Have Cherries?

Dogs can have cherries as they don’t contain any toxic compounds. When we say these fruits are safe for dogs, we mean the flesh, not the stems and leaves. Apart from the cherry flesh and peel, all its parts contain cyanide. That’s why many dogs go through cyanide poisoning after gulping the stems, pits, and leaves of cherries. Also, you need to make sure these fruits don’t have any artificial sweetener that is present in dried and canned cherries.

There are several facts that you must consider while feeding these fruits to your dog. Such as the breed they belong to, their health condition, and so on.

What Are The Benefits Of Having Cherries For Dogs

Taking cherries properly and in the right amounts can offer many health benefits to dogs. They have vitamin A, vitamin C, magnesium, potassium, and fibre. Vitamin A will promote a dog’s vision, muscle growth, immune system, and bodily functions.

With vitamin C, cherries will increase dogs’ bone density, combat cancer, absorb iron, and prevent chronic diseases. Besides, it has antioxidant properties that will keep the free radicals at bay.

The magnesium present in cherries mainly regulates the blood sugar level. Also, it improves bone health, muscle health, and nerve health. Most vets say to include magnesium in dogs’ diets as it reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease.

Can Dogs Have Cherries

Potassium is another essential nutrient present in cherries. It enhances muscle function, nerve function, and heart function. Also, it can regulate blood pressure and blood sugar levels in dogs.

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The reason why cherries can regulate bowel movements is because of their fibre content. It means you can treat your dog’s constipation by offering him this fruit.

What Are The Risks Of Having Cherries For Dogs

Cherries are sweet because they have sugar. The more a dog eats cherries the more he is consuming sugar. Too much sugar can cause tooth decay and increase weight, resulting in obesity. This can be risky for an obese dog, as the sugar content spikes the blood sugar level.

Cherries can also be harmful for dogs when they eat the seed, pit, and leaves alone. These parts contain cyanide, which is present in almost all seeds and leaves of fruits. Ingesting cyanide in high quantities can result in cyanide poisoning. Its symptoms include abdominal pain, loss of appetite, panting, red gums, drooling, diarrhoea, tremors, seizures, difficulty in breathing, and even paralysis.

The pits and leaves of cherries can also cause choking hazards as they are hard to digest. Again, taking cherries in excessive amounts means taking too much fibre. This will upset dogs’ stomachs and cause diarrhoea.

Some dried and canned cherries contain artificial sweeteners, like xylitol. This chemical compound is toxic to dogs. So always offer organic cherries to them.

How To Offer Cherries To Dogs?

Feeding cherries to dogs in the right way can help them avoid several risks. So take some fresh and ripe cherries for your dog and wash them properly. Then remove the pits, stems, and leaves. Afterwards, cut the flesh of the cherry into small bite-sized pieces. You can add those pieces to the dog food or to other fruits that you are offering to your dog.

Another amazing way to offer cherries to dogs is by blending them with other fruits like strawberries and apples. Making them in a pure form will attract dogs to lick. Also, try freezing the pureed cherries in one cube tray. Dogs love frozen fruits, especially in hot summer.

Before including these fruits in your pet’s diet, introduce them to him. First, let your dog eat a tiny piece of cherry and monitor his reactions. If he seems comfortable, you can offer him another small piece. Then you can decide whether cherries can be his best friend or not.

How Many Cherries Can Dogs Have?

All dogs can’t have the same number of cherries. Some can eat one cherry and some can eat three cherries. This mainly depends on the breed.

For example, Shih Tzus and other extra-small breeds have small bodies. So they can’t eat more than one cherry. Small dogs, like Miniature Australian Shepherds, can eat two cherries. Medium dogs, like Australian Cattle Dogs, can have four cherries. Labrador Retrievers and other large dogs can have five cherries. Extra-large breeds, like Labrador Retrievers, can eat up to seven cherries.

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Can Dogs Have Cherries

If your dog likes dried cherries, you can dry them up using a dehydrator. Just don’t add any sugar or sweetness to enhance the taste.

When Can Dogs Have Cherries?

All nutrients present in cherries serve in different ways. For example, cherries have good amounts of vitamin C. Meanwhile, dogs shouldn’t eat too much vitamin C as they can produce it on their own. Hence, include cherries on their diet only when they are not taking vitamin C on that day.

The sugar content in cherries won’t be good for all dogs. As it can increase the blood sugar level, obese and diabetic dogs should avoid them.

As said earlier, cherries can treat constipation as it has fibre. It means a dog dealing with diarrhoea doesn’t need to eat these fruits.

Even if your furry friend fits into the position of eating cherries, you must make the last call to his vet. If he allows, only then you can include these fruits in his diet.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can Dogs Have Cherries?

Are maraschino cherries any different?

Maraschino cherries are a bit different, they don’t have pits inside. However, they are sweeter than other types of cherries as their sugar content is high. This can be harmful for obese and diabetic dogs.

Can dogs eat cherries every day?

The sugar present in cherries can be bad for dogs if taken every day. This will lead them to weight gain and a spike in blood sugar levels.

Do dogs like the taste of cherries?

We like cherries because of their taste and so are dogs. They are baffled seeing the texture and colour of these fruits. Also, their taste is a favourite of most dogs.

How to dry cherries?

If your dog likes dried cherries and you don’t have them right now, don’t worry. You can use the organic cherries and dry them up. Simply put them on the drying tray and place them in the oven. Keep the temperature at 140° F. After three hours take the dried cherries out, and you are done.

Final Thoughts

Unfortunately, cherries don’t suit all dogs. Hence, we may have the question, Can dogs have cherries? The answer is yes if they are not diabetic, obese, or have any allergies. Also, the stems, pits, and leaves shouldn’t be a part of the cherry while feeding it to your furry friend.

Sometimes, he can eat more cherries out of curiosity. In that case, he can throw up everything and you need to let him do that. Also, notice his symptoms and tell his doctor everything about it. After opting for medications and treatments, don’t let him eat cherries or any fruits for a couple of days.

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