Top 5 Youngest Billionaires of the World in 2022

Youngest Billionaires

The words ‘Millionaire’ and ‘Billionaire’ seem fascinating to everyone. People wish to possess as much money as possible. Every person who becomes rich captures the attention of people around him. They want to know more about that person. Many people feel that learning more about rich people will help them find out some tricks on how to become wealthy.

While some people spend their whole life to become millionaires and billionaires, others get rich pretty early. They become the owner of millions and billions at a young age. Rich and young people often become the topic of discussion and news.

In today’s time, more and more people are going in the direction of becoming millionaires and billionaires owing to the availability of a large number of opportunities. A vast amount of knowledge can be found on the Internet about utilizing these opportunities. If you, too, want to increase your wealth, you should believe in yourself and put in all the hard work in the field of your choice.

However, along with hard work, you also need to exhibit certain qualities. Dedication, commitment, and discipline are some of these qualities. Successful and wealthy people have these qualities. Many aspiring individuals read the stories of successful people to get inspired.

Youngest Billionaires

We have made a list of the people who are amongst the top 5 youngest billionaires of the world in the year 2022. Now, whether you want to get some inspiration and learn some qualities or just want to increase your general knowledge, this list will surely help you.

Top 5 Youngest Billionaires of the World: The Complete List

Before we go through the list, let’s have a look at a child who is often claimed to be the youngest billionaire in the world. Owning several mansions, supercars, and even a private jet at the age of 9 (nine) definitely makes Muhammed Awal Mustapha the youngest billionaire.

But you cannot forget the fact that he is too young to decipher the meaning of being a billionaire properly. He got his properties and riches from his father, Ismailia Mustapha, who is a popular Internet celebrity and a multimillionaire. We have included in this list only those people who are mature enough to understand what owning billions of possessions means.

  1. Kevin David Lehmann
  2. Having a net worth of around $3.30 billion, Kevin David Lehmann is the youngest billionaire as of today. Being just 19 years in age, he owns 50% of ‘dm’ (drogerie markt), which is a leading drugstore chain in Germany. He inherited this ownership from his father, Guenther Lehmann.

    Drogerie Markt, which came into existence when Goetz Werner opened the first store in Karlsruhe, Germany, in 1973, has an annual revenue of more than $12 billion. Today, this drugstore chain has more than 3700 stores across Germany.

  3. Alexandra Andresen
  4. Second on the list is Alexandra Andresen, the 25-year-old Norwegian heiress. Born in the year 1996, she became the youngest billionaire in the year 2016 (when she was 19 years old). With a net worth of $1.3 billion, she maintained that title on the Forbes list for three consecutive years.

    Alexandra Andresen - The Youngest Billionaire
    Image Credit: The Young Achievers

    Alexandra Andresen inherited 42% ownership of the investment company Ferd, which is a family-owned business. She is also known for bagging multiple international dressage awards as a professional equestrian. Her elder sister ‘Katharina Andresen’ also inherited 42% ownership of the company.

  5. Pedro Franceschi
  6. With a net worth of $1.5 billion, Pedro Franceschi became one of the youngest billionaires by co-founding a fintech company named ‘Brex’. He and his partner, Henrique Dubugras, both own a 14% stake in this company. Both are co-CEOs of Brex, which has been established with an aim to overhaul the corporate credit card.

    Pedro Franceschi was 20 years in age when he launched Brex in the year 2017. The co-founders have closed many funding rounds. Along with a corporate credit card, which is the flagship product of this fintech company, Brex is also known for providing other services like software offerings.

  7. Wang Zelong
  8. After inheriting a stake worth more than $1.3 billion in NNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide Co. Ltd., Wang Zelong became one of the youngest billionaires. Established in the year 1989, NNC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide Co. Ltd. manufactures rutile type titanium dioxide in China.

    Wang Zelong - The Youngest Billionaire
    Image Credit: Tatler Asia

    The titanium dioxide pigment produced by this company, which trades on the Shenzhen stock exchange, is a white pigment used in coatings, plastics, ink, and other materials. Having the title of the youngest billionaire in Asia, Wang Zelong currently has a net worth of $1.5 billion.

  9. Austin Russell
  10. Considered to be the world’s youngest self-made billionaire, Austin Russell owns a net worth of around $1.7 billion. He is the founder and CEO of Luminar Technologies, a company that specializes in lidar and machine perception technologies.

    He became the youngest self-made billionaire after his company went public in December 2020. At that time, he was 25 years old. Luminar Technologies, established when Austin Russell was only 17 years old, went public via a special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) deal.

Along with the people mentioned above, some other young billionaires are also there. Even if some people become billionaires by inheriting riches from their parents, they show their capabilities in the future by increasing their net worth. So, instead of judging them, people should hope that such billionaires carry on their family legacy.

Wrapping Up

While all the news and information about the youngest billionaires might fascinate and encourage you, at times, it can also make people feel less worthy. You should take only the good points from such information pieces.

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