Nootropic Supplements – Do They Really Work


 What are Nootropics

Nootropics are small drugs that assist in boosting brain performance. They are referred to as memory-enhancing substances or cognition enhancers due to their role in supporting a healthy brain and their cognitive technology in the human mind.

Nootropics Role

  • They enhance learning acquisition and improve memory.
  • They are resistant to impairing agents of the brain. Therefore, they support the health of brain cells in general.
  • They improve message interpretation and processing by facilitating the interhemispheric transfer of messages
  • They protect the brain by enhancing resistance to brain aggression
  • They improve focus and attention by increasing tonic, cortical, and subcortical control.
  • They do not have the pharmacological effects brought by the neuro psychotropic drugs.

Nootropics, therefore, should improve and support cognitive performance in a safe manner.

Nootropics Ingredients

Many nootropics are extracted from herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and other natural substances. There are a variety of nootropics having different ingredients. For instance;

Ginkgo Biloba is a tree which grows in Korea, Japan, and China. Its leaves are readily available for herbal supplements. It is potentially beneficial in supporting and improving health cognition in aging.

Panax ginseng is a perennial shrub grown in some parts of Siberia and China. Its roots are used for medicinal purposes. It prevents brain diseases and helps in brain recovery, especially after a stroke.

Bacopa Monnieri is capable of increasing memory.

Ashwagandha helps in decreasing stress.

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Creatine increases brain energy.

Fish oil or omega -3 fatty acids support the mood.

Rhodiola is also known as rose root and increases strength and improves focus. Also, it regulates neurotransmitters in the brain, thereby giving a positive feeling.

Caffeine is usually in coffee and tea. It boosts mental focus.

Safety of Nootropics

Just as the norm of any medication, there are side effects that come with different medicines, and nootropics are not an exception to that. People are urged to their safety to doctors on any supplement before taking it.

Nootropics have the following common side effects

  • High blood pressure- they may lead to high blood pressure if used for a long period.
  • A fast heart rate- they cause very fast pumping of blood; hence heart beating rate also increases.
  • Addiction- just like any other drug, when used for an extended period, one becomes addicted to it and cannot do a thing without it.
  • Vision trouble- it causes a problem with the vision, which may result in partial blindness.
  • Insomnia- it causes lack of sleep
  • Impulsive behavior- studies show that those who use it for a long time have a problem of impulsive behaviors like having risky sexual practices.

Do Nootropics work?

People are created differently. However, nootropics work best for healthy people. Studies related to human clinical trials confirm that nootropics really work and are practical to humans. However, this depends on what your needs are at the moment. For instance, if you want an improvement in memory, you should have the appropriate nootropic for that. Their ability to work depends on how disciplined you are on them; for example, caffeine in coffee and tea works for a short term while Bacopa is useful in a long time when taken daily.

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Onnit Supplements

Onnit is a US supplement manufacturer which focuses on self-improvement products. From their supplements to work-out accessories their goal is to make a “better you”. They use herbs and plants known for improving cognition, mood, sleep, memory and concentration. Such complex formulas come with a high price tag but onnit discount codes are available as well as temporary deals.

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