New Character of Star Wars: Revenge of Sith” Baby Yoda” Fights Against Palpatine!

Star Wars

In a new Star Wars: Revenge of Sith, Baby Yoda will fight with Emperor Palpatine. Fans are really liked with this new character named Baby Yoda. This new character was seen in a kickoff episode.

Who is Baby Yoda?

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Yoda is an alien and became the breakout character of star wars. He is so tiny but charming and powerful. Legendary filmmaker and Mandalorian star war star also liked so much to this character.

Werner Herzog called him a coward when Jon Favreau talked about replacing the character with a CGI version. When it feels that Alien characters can be portrayed without CGI, then Yoda makes a special character.

Fans Reaction Towards Baby Yoda

Yoda watched all the attention of the show after airing four episodes. they also can enjoy their favourite baby character on a video made by Youtuber Maxe Baumann Films 2013.

The video is all about the force power of Yoda where he fights and defeats Emperor Palpatine that also knows as Darth Sidious.

In the original version, Yoda expelled to dagobah and lost to sith. In the edited scene, Yoda is knocked and blacks out. After that, Sidious gets ready for the attack and finishes him with force lightning.

Then Mandalorian shows and saves Baby Yoda. Well, fans are really enjoying this star war new characters.

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