Garth Brooks Concert Set for Drive-in Theaters – Know It All Here

Garth Brooks

There is good news for all music lovers who have been longing to get a glance of their favorite stars for a couple of months now. It is truly becoming frustrating for everyone now that large events and gatherings have become a thing in history almost. However, there is good news because country crooner Garth Brooks is now all set to make his fans happy again. He has figured out the most brilliant way to connect with music lovers, keeping in mind not to put anyone at a risk. Now it is your turn to get ready for some action because it is time to shift from the living room to your cars.

On June 18, 2020, Encore Live, a Production company joined hands with the Friends in Low Places singer to set up an iconic show. They have decided to organize a one-night concert that will put up a show for 300 drive-in-theaters across places in North America. The official announcement is already done, and Brooks says that he is now super excited to play for his listeners again.

He adds that he was missing the action all this while, and was longing to get back! The singer assures that this is going to be a fantastic idea for everyone to enjoy an event together. Besides, he has pre-planned everything to make sure that there is no uncertainty about any infection, etc. It is an opportunity for all of us in North America to get united through live music, that will lift our moods, and help us survive this tough situation. It is going to be a combination of the new and old school, and also keeps in mind the situation around us at present.

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The condition of COVID-19 around the world seems bad

While states across all the countries in the world are reopening for economic action, COVID-19 positive cases are on the rise once again. It seems that the old days when people used to enjoy in theaters, auditoriums, and stadiums are far from our reach. So, the scope of an old-fashioned drive-in-theater looks like a breath of fresh air for everyone. It will help people come together despite proper social distancing.

Music truly unites people irrespective of a situation. According to Walter Kinzie, CEO, and founder of Encore Live, people now need safer entertainment options to spend time with their families while making sure that they are in a safe environment. He adds that it was a pleasure to team up with Garth Brooks. Moreover, they feel happier after the singer has done so much for the music industry. It seems he is on a drive to provide an incredible and unique concert that is also a contribution to communities and local businesses.

Tickets for the drive-in-concert are already available from June 19, 2020 midnight on Ticketmaster. The cost of tickets for general admission will be $100, which will include the tariff of each person inside the vehicle. The concert is going to take place on June 27, 2020. Currently, there are 300 theaters ready to host the audience, and the numbers will probably go up soon.

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Is drive-in-theater going to be the new normal?

Encore Live is inviting drive-in owners to collaborate with them to make this event more successful. The show and its makers have already promised to adhere to all the CDC protocols and will feature all safeguards. It includes keeping a 6-feet distance between cars. The theater staff will also use all sorts of protective gear, and the payments will be contactless. The event will probably prove to be a comeback for the traditional drive-in concerts.

Beth Wilson, owner of Warwick drive-in says that people are going to feel safer than they would when they are indoors. He also assured that all the makers that he is in collaboration with are aware of the basic safety guidelines, and are making sure that everything is being followed. It might turn out to be the new way of watching movies too. Well, it seems that this isn’t the first time when Garth Brooks has walked the extra mile to make his fans happy. Back in March, the singer teamed up with Trisha Yearwood, his wife for a live concert on Facebook. Again, in May the couple hosted another streaming event in Grand Ole Opry.

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