Fun Activities for Kids to Bring Out Their Creative Sides

Fun Activities for Kids

Being with kids at home and with no outdoor activity can really be tough on parents. Are you also one of them? Wondering how to keep your kids preoccupied so that you can do some work? We will help you with some fun activities for kids so that you can peacefully do your work.

Kids can get bored really fast and keeping up with their pace can be difficult at times. But when you have us you have really nothing to worry about. Here, we’ve got some indoor and creative activities for kids. Scrolling through these activities, you can also engage yourself in it a little. You’ll find these activities to be fun and will also allow your kids creative juices to ooze out. Read on to know them all!

Some Fun Activities for Kids

Here are some indoor activities for kids that will keep them busy and yet let their creativity flow.

Some of the best fun activities for kids are:

DIY Jellyfish

You can give your kids some yarn and plates. Ask them to make some beautiful jellyfishes. Kids can even use some acrylic paint that glow-in-the-dark. Once they are done you can hang in their rooms and you’ll see some beautiful glow when the lights are off.

Tattoo Décor

You can give your kids some printouts of tattoos to stick on their mugs, pencil bags, school bags, old planters and so much more. If you don’t use a printer at home, you can easily order in some stick-on tattoos to decorate these things. We can be sure your kids will have fun and enjoy discovering which one suits their room best.

Paper Bead Necklaces

You can easily give your kids some color papers or scrapbook. Ask them to roll it up into beads and turn them into necklaces. Doesn’t that sound like fun? You can even let them design or try experimenting on magazine clippings, newsprint, or wrapping paper. Aren’t they going to be cute and innovative necklaces?

Flight School

You can easily have some fun activities for kids with paper planes. Just fold up a few colored planes and let them race flying these paper planes. You can even increase the excitement by giving them some targets. Once, kids get engrossed in racing against their flights, you can go do your own work. That’s because you can be sure that are going to be engaged for quite some time now!

Space Crayons

Even adults love the look of celestial shaped crayons. So, how can children not like them? You can really make coloring look so much more fun. Plus, you can always use the old ones that kids usually don’t like using.

Paper Bracelets

Just like necklaces, you can make some cute bracelets as well. Wouldn’t those colorful abstract shapes look beautiful on kids? You can ask them to wear it and click pictures to put it up on Insta.

Thumbprint Family Tree

With all the time we have at home now, why not have your kids know the family really well. You can easily ask them you make a thumbprint tree to define the entire family lineage. Your kids will surely love the genealogical project your alert. To add a bit of twist to it, you can have them print out pictures and stick them beside the names of the persons. Later, frame it up and hang it at home!

Felt Elastic Bookmarks

Reading is a great habit for kids. But you can add some fun by asking them to make some elastic bookmarks. When you make reading fun, your kids will surely read more! Take some colorful felts, glue, elastic and googly eyes to make cute bookmarks. Give them points for the bookmarks they make. It will increase their enthusiasm to make bookmarks better every time.

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Fairy Jar

You can give your kids an old jar, some glitters and glow sticks. Instruct them to put it in a jar and make it as colorful as possible. Keep it at your kid’s study table. Each time they sit to study they can shake it for some magic and refresh their moods!

Dress-Up Mermaid Tail

You’ll have to help your kids a little while doing this. But the outcome will be just amazing and they are going to love being the undersea creatures. You can easily get a lot of tutorials to make a mermaid tail at home. So, start sewing and see your bundles of joy enjoying themselves to the core!

Polka Dot Slime

Slimes are something every child enjoys. You can easily make them at home but why not give it a different look? Pop in some small colorful balls while making the slime, and see how unique it looks. The fun is when the kids try to catch the balls and fail because it’s in the slime. Doesn’t it sound so exciting?

Race Track

Ask your kids to make beautiful colorful play race tracks at home. You can ask kids to race along the track only. But remember to keep a place where they can park for the times they aren’t playing. Why not bring out the athletic vibes from them?

Foam Paint

Now it’s time for some science fun activities for kids. You can buy them some paintable foam. As soon as you do the design, leave it overnight to dry up. It’s a super cute, and very cool masterpieces kids can hang in their bedroom.

Temporary Tattoos

If you’ve got some tattoo printouts leftover use them now. You can help your kids draw up those designs wherever they like their tattoos to be. Make it as colorful as possible and let their creativity come out. Just as they are letting their creativity out, ask them to do some on you too! Enjoy having some tattoos probably you never had!

Nail Polish Wall Hanging

Why not do some decluttering and art both at the same time? Get rid of your old nail polishes and give it to your kids. Get a tub of water and pour the nail polish in contrasting colors. Then slowly take a pencil and move the nail polish in the water in any pattern you like. Moreover, you can use all your old cutlery to make beautiful colorful wall hangings. Give your house a new look too. Your kids are just going to love doing this!

Outdoor Concert

One of the best kid outdoor activities you can do is planning out a concert in your backyard. Turn your backyard into a music station or fashion aisle or stage for actors. Put in some lights to give it some effect. Your kids can try out any hobbies they like and save your house from turning into a mess. You can be a good audience to boost your child and give them a real stage feel.


You can really put your markers to great use now! Ask your kids to sketch out pictures of anything they like and make unique combinations. Each page of the book should have coordination. You can just be sure that you can keep them busy for quite a long time with this flipbook drawing.

Shell Memory Game

You can use shells or anything else to enhance the memory of your child. Try collecting some shells from a nearby beach or you can just simply buy them. It will be fun yet will increase the memory power of your child.

Mini Volcanoes

Apart from the artistic activities, you can try out some experimenting juices of your kids. You can say it is messy but a fun activity for kids. Nevertheless, you can spare them at times. Try out this volcanic eruption in a glass dish but don’t forget to add in some colors to it. You’ll find these mini volcanic eruptions to be so pleasing for the eyes too.

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Artsy Collages

Why not try out some collages you can frame-up. Allow your kids to cut some pictures, use stickers and newspaper. Make an outline of any favorite animal or any place. Then tear the bits of paper and stick them evenly within the outline. You’ll have a beautiful collage just to a frame-up.

Window Art

Window art is one of the best fun activities for kids, and your child will be no exception. But are you worried about your doors and windows to get destroyed? Don’t worry! We won’t suggest anything that’ll mess up your house. You can just buy some transparent sheets online. Stick them up on the windows and ask your kids to use colorful pens. Let them draw anything they like. Later you just need to remove the sheets and throw it. Some markers can be removed with water too, you can get them to avoid wasting too many sheets.

Fairy Bells

You can ask your kids to help you give your garden some fairy look. Get some twigs and decorate them with beads and bells that give a jingling sound. Attach some fairy lights to it, for it to look beautiful at night. You can also hear the bells adding music to your garden.

Nature Craft Bugs

Making nature crafts can be one of the best fun activities for kids. You can simply ask your kids to make beautiful and creative miniatures from nature. In this way you can easily have them make beautiful yet creative crafts they can play with.

Kiddie Car Wash

You can actually reuse your old backyard sprinkler. Why not give it an up-gradation and use hose connectors? Your kids will have fun endlessly with this car wash in your backyard.

Magic Wands

You can use straws to make lovely 3D bubbles for them. It can be quite silly but you can actually make it well with practice. As you dig deep you can actually make triangular and square-shaped bubbles too.

Water Balloon

Since it’s summertime in the States why not use the time to play with some water balloons. Take a bucket of water balloons and play with each other. What a relieving thing on a summer afternoon! Isn’t it?

Bubble Wrap Prints

You can now put your shopping scraps to use. You’d be lucky if you haven’t ditched out the bubble wraps. That’s because you can use it to make super cool and fun prints. Try it out on an old T-shirt or shorts and give it a cool look. Engage your kids and they will surely love doing these new unique printings.

Toy Parachute

You need some string and a paper napkin. Just by these two things you can turn this into a toy parachute. Kids just love doing this. You will find your kids tell you that it is the best craft ever!

Soap Boat

You can simply categorize this as one of the best parenting hacks. All you need is get a rain gutter from a hardware store and a couple of soap bars. Make the gutter into a race track and pour in some water. Then take soap and ask your kids to carve it a little. Put in some miniature toys and your boat is ready to go for a race. You can even ask them to create their own flags. Kids will be spending hours doing this!

Funfetti Play Dough

Leave alone rainbow sprinkled cupcakes. Get the dough and add the sprinkles into it. Let them play with it as much as they like but if they happen to eat it, no problem! But only that it has got lots of sugar, so keep a close watch they don’t end up eating too much.

Last Thoughts

You must keep your kids busy with activities that allow their creativity to flow. It also enhances their skills and makes them very sharp and alert. Watching television and using smartphones can be a last resort you can opt for. Engage them in all the activities above and let their creative juices simply ooze out.

Now, as we come to the end, don’t you have enough fun activities for kids? So, go ahead and try out each and every activity. You can really keep your kids busy for quite a long time with these activities.

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