Enzyme Masks: What are the different types?

Enzyme Masks

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Contrary to popular belief, you aren’t born with good skin. You earn your good skin through the dedication of having a consistent skin care routine—and that includes the enzyme mask! In today’s world, there are many outlying factors that contribute to skin issues—stress, poor diet, sun damage, air pollution, not enough water; very rarely is it connected to genetics!

When it comes to fixing our skin issues, enzymes are one of those magical healing remedies that we are obsessed with. But while Ezyme masks use natural fruit extracts to capture the enzymes, enzyme masks are not all created equal. In fact, when it comes to an enzyme mask, they need to be selected on an individual basis to ensure the benefits are right for your skin type.

The different fruit bases of the enzyme masks will produce different results. But not to feel overwhelmed, as we’ll help break down the different types of enzyme masks to help you determine which one is best to add into your own skin care routine.

  1. Pineapple

An enzyme known as bromelain comes from pineapple. Bromelain gives your skin that tingling sensation as it reverses any damage and dissolving dead skin cells. It also helps unclog pores and redness. So for those with dry, acne-prone or red skin—pineapple enzyme masks are for you!

  1. Papaya

This superfruit isn’t just healthy to eat! Because it contains such high levels of antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin B and seed oil, the enzymes in papaya are able to lighten any red marks or scars on your skin. Skin that is hyperpigmented, sun-damaged, aging or acne-prone will reap the benefits with a papaya based enzyme mask!

  1. Pumpkin

Most people think pumpkins are only good when it comes to Thanksgiving. But in reality, pumpkins are making quite the statement in the beauty industry, especially when it comes to skin care. Pumpkins are rich with vitamin A and C, so the enzymes found in here are able to increase collagen production and smooth out uneven blemishes. Use a pumpkin based enzyme mask if you’ve got a normal skin type or dull blemishes you want to get rid of.

  1. Blueberry

The superfood that keeps on giving! Full of antioxidants, the enzymes from this fruit are able to brighten up any type of skin and keep it hydrated and cleansed. Make sure to use a blueberry enzyme mask if you’ve got hyperpigmented skin, super sensitive skin or aging skin.

  1. Tomato

True—tomatoes are good for more than just a Bloody Mary! The citric acid enzymes are able to fight off blackheads and clear out clogged pores, along with eliminating any excessively oily skin. Incorporate a tomato based enzyme mask if you’re also wanting to help cure any sun damaged or inflamed skin.

  1. Passionfruit

Full of piceatannol, passionfruit is an extremely active enzyme that helps the skin generate more collagen. For those wanting more tones and firm skin or preventing any wrinkles, a passionfruit enzyme mask is the one for you!

  1. Kiwi

This superfruit is full of alpha-hydroxy acid enzymes. This means that these enzymes can help tighten the skin and smooth out any acne scars. So make sure to go kiwi with your enzyme mask if you’ve got acne-prone or aging skin.

  1. Lemon

An oldie but a goodie in the beauty industry, the enzymes found in lemon are full of citric acid. This means that a lemon enzyme mask can help brighten your skin complexion, unclog pores and kill off any bacteria.

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While not all enzyme masks are created equal, we can guarantee there’s definitely one out there for you!

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