10 copywriting tips to use in your Google PPC ads

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Copywriting has always been a much-needed service in the advertising sphere and now more than ever the importance of copywriting in digital marketing has grown exponentially.   To be successful as a great copywriter it is key to be passionate about your topics and to have a real love for bringing ideas to life, carrying out in-depth research, and a flair for the written word.  

And never more has copywriting been so advantageous in your Google PPC (pay per click) ad.  It’s a well-known fact that ‘content is king’ and indeed will continue to be so, despite the advances in technology.  Creating interesting, informative, and relevant content remains one of the most important parts of digital marketing.

It’s a good idea to complete a digital marketing course as well as a copywriting course to get a grasp of how copywriting works in the digital marketing sphere.

Why is copywriting important in your Google PPC ads

Great effective copywriting in your Google PPC ads will amplify your digital marketing efforts and is a sure-fire way to get great returns on your paid online advertising.  There are many reasons why companies are using copywriting more and more.  More and more businesses are making use of copywriters and those who have not yet used these types of services are seriously considering the benefits of hiring a copywriter, which is especially true when it comes to improving your Google PPC ads.

Here are just a few benefits that are associated with using an experienced copywriter, such as:

  • Saves time
  • Increased content quality
  • Saves on cost
  • Lessons typos and grammatical errors
  • Brings about a new perspective

Effective copywriting supports all of your digital marketing plans

Being able to get your target audience interested and even excited about your Google Ad is an amazing ability these days.   The internet is overrun with Google Ads with every business strategically vying for your attention.  

Creating copy for your Google PPC Ads may seem simple and pretty straight forward, right?  But so many businesses fail dismally at capturing their audience’s attention and making their Google PPC Ads a success!

So, how can you make sure your copywriting ads value to your Google PPC Ads?  

10 copywriting tips to use in your Google PPC ads

Getting your copywriting right is invaluable when it comes to getting the most out of your Google PPC ads, and we all understand the importance of effective Google PPC ads which undeniably make your business stand out.

Take a closer look at these 10 top copywriting tips to use in your Google PPC ads:

  1. Choose the right keywords – Make sure you choose the correct keywords in your copy.  Adding the right keywords can be simple if you choose to include keywords that your audience uses.
  2. Mirror a searcher’s query – It’s a great idea to try to ‘mirror’ a potential customer’s Google search query.  By including this in your Google PPC ads, you’ll be sure to appear in far more related searches.  Try to be as specific as a searcher would be when browsing Google for such a product or service.
  3. Enhance your headline – A great tip for writing effective Google PPC ads is to try to include your main ad message in your headline.  Don’t forget to make your headline as a captivating headline is the most important part of your ad copy.
  4. Use a creative call to action (CTA) –  Remember it’s not only the headline that has to be eye-catching and creative, but it’s also as vitally important to include an interesting, strong, and creative call to action in your Google PPC ad.
  5. Try using numbers in your headline – Ever noticed that a lot of Google PPC ads include numbers in their headlines?  Well, there’s a good reason for this as this is a great way to highlight special offers or discounts.
  6. Don’t be scared to get emotional – Use emotional triggers.  When writing copy for your Google PPC ad you may second guess this advice, however, studies show that using a psychological approach is a good tactic.
  7. Get personal – The internet is a crowded place so keep in mind that browsers like it when a company uses a personal approach.
  8. Add ‘ad’ extensions – Use ad extensions in your Google PPC copy – they’re an effective tool.
  9. Stand out – Make sure your business stands out from the competition, so write a unique copy.
  10.  Be straight up – Never mislead the browser as they’ll only leave your site if they’ve been tricked into clicking through.

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