Bought a New Car? Find a Public Parking Near Me

public parking near me

What Is a Public Parking?

Public parking is an area dedicated to the parking of vehicles for the public. These are free spaces where you can park your two-wheeler or four-wheeler. You can find a lot of public parking spaces in busy areas, especially near corporate offices.

Public parking lots can vary in size and specifications. Some can be open spaces on the ground with sections for various cars and bikes. On the other hand, some large public parking lots have multiple stories and defined areas for four-wheelers and two-wheelers.

Pros and Cons of Public Parking Near Me

Parking your vehicle in a public parking lot has both pros and cons. Let’s discuss them in brief.

Benefits of Public Parking

Some key benefits of using a public parking space are:

  • Free of Cost: The cost of parking may not seem significant, but it can add up over months. For instance, on-street commuter lots charge $11 per day. If you park your vehicle five days a week, your parking expenses will be $220 per month and $2,640 per year. When you choose public parking, you can save that money.
  • Easy Access: Accessibility is another major reason why people prefer public parking places. Almost every major area, especially in the US, has a public parking lot. Moreover, many on-street parking areas also exist, which allow you to park your car on the street. If you want to stop for a few minutes, you can use these spots.
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Disadvantages of Public Parking

Just like other free facilities, public parking has some disadvantages. Some of them include:

  • Lack of Space: Since public parking spaces are free, they’re always occupied. People are always looking out for free spaces to save a few bucks. As a result, there’s always a rush in these places. If you’re in a hurry and want to quickly find a place to park your vehicle, you may end up waiting for a long time.
  • Lack of Security: The biggest challenge with public parking spaces is a lack of security. Since these spaces are not well-managed, their security isn’t adequate. If you leave your vehicle parked in a free parking place for the night, it could be at a high risk of getting stolen.
  • Insurance and Legal Action: While privately-owned parking spaces provide better security, they can’t give a 100% safety guarantee. But in case a theft happens, you can seek legal help and also involve your insurance provider.

When to Opt for a Public Parking Space?

Whether you choose a public parking area or a privately managed space will depend entirely on your purpose and the area you live in. You can choose a public parking space if:

  • You need to park your vehicle for a few minutes to a few hours, especially during the day time
  • The crime and theft rate in your area is low
  • The parking space is busy, and a lot of people use it.

You should avoid using a public parking space if:

  • You need to park your vehicle for many hours, especially during the night time
  • The crime and theft rate in your area is high
  • The parking space is not busy and not many people use it

How to Find a Public Parking Near Me?

Now that you know the upsides and downsides of using a public parking space let’s discuss how you can find one near you.

Ask People for Public Parking Near Me

If you’re looking for a public parking space for daily use, the best way to find a place is to ask people in the area. If people in your office own a car, you can ask them if they know any public parking spaces nearby. Be sure to ask them about the security and credibility of the parking lot before using it.

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Search for Parking Spaces Online

Google can help you find almost anything, including the best public parking spaces near you. Search “public parking near me” in Google, and you’ll find a list of parking lots in your area. Based on your location, you can decide which parking lots you want to use.

Visit Public Parking Near Me

If you want to park your vehicle for a few minutes, especially during the daytime, this step isn’t necessary. The chances of theft are bleak in the day. But if you want to use a parking lot to park your vehicles for hours, it’s better to visit and survey the space. Check out how busy space is and what level of security it offers. If you feel the place is secure enough, you can go ahead and start using it regularly.

Try Multiple Parking Lots

The best thing about public parking lots, as discussed above, is that they’re free. So, don’t stick to just one place. If there are multiple parking spaces in your area, use them all. This way, you’ll be able to compare different parking lots and determine which one is the best among them.

Try Private Parking Spaces

Many private parking spaces offer additional services and facilities, such as car wash and repair. So, in addition to leaving your car in safe hands, you can also get it cleaned up and repaired. If you don’t have a strict budget, check out a privately owned public space and compare it with a public parking lot.

Wrap Up: Public Parking Near Me

Public parking spaces have both pros and cons, and whether you should use them or not will depend on your purpose and the area you live in. Since getting your car stolen can be a substantial monetary loss, be sure to conduct proper research when looking for public parking in your area.

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