How To Talk With Your Employees After the Pandemic

talking with employees

Many things have changed in the workplace since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Employees are dealing with their feelings of loss and whether they should return to their positions. Opening lines of communication with them, like managers such as Eyal Gutentag have done, will make them feel more comfortable about coming back into your facility and working for you. Here are a few ways to reach out to them.

Make Yourself Available When Needed

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Ensure to your staff members that they can talk to you whenever they have a concern about their lives or the workplace that they are in. They can also come to you with suggestions to make things in your facility run smoother, especially in this time of unrest. As Eyal Gutentag suggests in his Medium post “Post-COVID: 5 Ways Managers Can Communicate Better”, you should make them comfortable with whatever they have to say. Be certain that they know of all forms of communication available to them, whether it is by video conference, email or in person. Eyal Gutentag also stresses that you must know if they are receiving the messages that are sent to them. Verify that notes are reaching each user of your network and note that everyone is online when you are having a meeting. Include every member of your workforce in your discussions so that they feel that they are a valued part of your team.

Keep Your Facility Calm and Organized

The office you work in can be stressful and crazy especially if there are many projects going on at once. With the chaos that Covid-19 has brought to everyone’s lives, strive to make the workspace as serene as possible. As Eyal Gutentag Manager recommends, eliminate the items in your area that create unrest with your staff. Talk with each of them about what might distract them and find a way to make them more comfortable as they perform their tasks. You might also add plants as well as soften the lighting to make the space a relaxing, yet productive place to be. If some of those who work for you are far happier to be at home, find a way for them to do so remotely and support their decision the best you can. Look throughout your community for individuals who specialize in mental and emotional therapy and ask them to come into your facility to talk to anyone who needs help. Offer opportunities to relax, such as a moment of meditation or a yoga class. This allows your employees the opportunity to unwind during their day.

Appoint Someone To Gather Information For Your Team

The information about Covid-19 changes daily as vaccines are administered and the numbers of those affected fluctuate. Eyal Gutentag notes that you should select one member of your staff to assemble the data that you want to relay to your employees then get it out to everyone. Be sure to alert everyone in your facility that you have appointed them to this task and that they should listen to this individual. You should also remind the person you have chosen to be available to listen to concerns from those that work for you. Verify that they have all methods of communication for each person on your team.

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