Instant Influencer Winner – A Mega Makeup Moment

Instant Influencer Winner

James Charles came up with a Reality show called Instant influencer which was premiered on YouTube. The contest basic revolved around six upcoming influences who compete for a coveted prize. The prize is $50,000 prize money and a chance to collaborate with James Charles on his YouTube Channel. James Charles himself hosts this original YouTube show and Norvina is present as the permanent guest judge. Norvina is the president of Anastasia Beverly Hills which is a very popular makeup brand. This was a new endeavor since it brought a TV reality show style concept to YouTube. The series had only four episodes in total to decide the Instant Influencer Winner.

The Contestants

Benny Cerra from Carbondale, Pennsylvania was one of the contestants. He is 18 years old and is thankful that is parents have been supportive of his interest in makeup. Benny has a signature mountain range makeup which has been inspired by his father, who is a painter. He has 27,000 followers on Instagram.

Kailin Chase is from Denver, Colorado, and is 24 years old. She has 67,000 followers on Instagram and she also recently put up her first video on YouTube. She thought she had messed up, but she went on to win the first episode.

Gabriel Garcia is from Los Angeles and is 21 years old. He is a drag performer under the name Unity Dreamz and also a makeup artist. He grew up in foster care and wants to show that one’s past does not define one’s future.

Britany Renteria from Dallas, Texas is 25 years old. She left her home at 15 has works 2 jobs to support herself. She was the first one to leave the show and it caused a small storm. Britany forced to record a goodbye video after she was lost which the viewers were skeptical about.

Christian Perez is from Miami and he is 18 years old. He prefers the name Indigo and moved to Los Angeles after the deportation of his father.

Ashley Strong from Alaska is 28 years old and is already winning the hearts of fans. She has 185000 Instagram followers and was a frontrunner right from episode one.

The Instant Influencer Winner

Apart from the final task, consistency was another focus point for the show and for Charles. Ashley Strong won the contest. She has aced the tasks from the start and her final task turned out really well. She was also a favorite among fans so everyone is happy. The final task given to the contestants was to come up with a signature look. This look was meant to start a trend and we all know that starting a trend is not easy. Kailin with the most visually appealing one, but it was Ashley’s concept that hit all the checkboxes. Benny’s look was a tad bit too complicated to be replicated easily by other people.

Final Thoughts

15th May, brought an end to the fast-paced series called Instant Influencer. It was a new concept that brought reality TV to YouTube. It also allowed influencers to pitch their talents against each other.

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