Getting Yourself and Your Home Ready for Your First Large Dog

Large Dog

A dog can be the perfect addition that makes a family feel complete. The companionship that a dog can provide for a single or married individual is nearly unrivaled. Relationships with other humans rarely if ever involved the dedication and love that a dog gives to its owner/family. The truth is that not everyone is ready for the responsibilities that dogs require to be cared for appropriately. Getting a dog that you are unsure of is never a great idea as caring for a dog can be hard work. Picking up poop and making sure your dog takes medication are just two of the tasks you will have to take on. Below are tips and what to consider to get your home ready for your first large dog. 

Be Honest If Your Home/Apartment Can Handle a Dog

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The room that a Chihuahua and a Great Dane need are going to vary in a huge way. Larger dogs that have lower energy levels might be able to live comfortably in an apartment. An English Bulldog is the perfect example of a dog that has low activity levels. A Pit Bull on the other hand usually has more energy on average although there are some couch potatoes of that breed. An apartment that is across the street from a park or has a dog park could make up for room inside. The timing of getting a dog has to be right as your dog deserves the best life possible. There are also other things to take into account, such as whether or not anyone in the house has allergies, because large dogs can shed a lot of hair. You will want to make sure that your house has working ventilation and clean air ducts, and that you have the ability to clean the home often.

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Start Doing Research on the Breed You Want

The research that you do on a dog is important as you might find the personality of a certain breed does not mesh well with your family. There are other dogs like Saint Bernards that have lower life expectancies which can be devastating after 6 to 8 years. Health issues are important to look up as some dogs simply have more joint issues or issues with their eyes than others. Temperament is also something that needs to be considered as a high-strung dog that might not be the best match for a family that has toddlers. 

Start Stocking Up on Equipment 

If you are looking for a heavy duty dog leash then you are on the right track when it comes to large dogs. Being able to control your dog is far different than being able to comfortably walk. You not only want to protect your dog from other dogs but also protect other dogs. The last thing anyone wants is your dog to get hurt due to an altercation with another dog that could have been prevented if you had a leash with more control. You are going to need the right toys as well as larger dogs oftentimes need durable toys. Look up brands that are made for durability and for dogs that have extremely strong jaws. Dog gates are also a huge help especially for those that have company frequently. You do not want your dog jumping on company and some people are simply afraid of larger dogs. Gates can allow for the dog to be separated without issue and can be easily moved/opened. 

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Establish Family Rules Regarding the Dog

Dogs are much like children which means that they need consistent rules rather than rules with each member of the family. Dogs that are being fed off of the table will likely beg under any circumstances and might beg more intensely when you have company. The dog being allowed on the furniture is a perfect example as many families do not allow this. Make sure your dog has consistent rules as that will make behaving much more clear to them. Take the time to set rules to make sure that everyone is on the same page. 

Getting yourself and your home ready for a large dog will take time. A companion that can also double as a loud alarm system provides security and love that is unmatched in the world of pets. 

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