How to Drive Costs Down When Doing a Giant Home Renovation

Drive Costs Down When Doing a Giant Home Renovation

The process of going through a giant home renovation is exciting and stressful simultaneously. The stress comes from the investing of your hard-earned money without an idea of how the renovation will turn out. Improving your quality of life due to renovations is the exciting part. Driving costs down can free up a bit of the budget just in case everything does not go as planned. Having a few extra thousand dollars in case the contractors find mold or water damage is recommended. The last thing any homeowner wants is to have a renovation project that has never been completed leaving their home in permanent disrepair. 

Shop Around for Project Quotes 

Picking a contractor should not be done on the first try as there could be vastly different price points depending on the contractor you are consulting. Much like car insurance quotes, it is important to shop around. One contractor might use labor that is high quality while another might not be insured or licensed which poses a huge risk to the homeowner. Quotes that you have can also be used to negotiate as there is usually room in a quote to do so. Do not opt for the first quote you are given unless you are personally referred or know the contractor personally. Looking up reviews is the next step as consumers leave these online especially if they are dissatisfied with the work that has been done. 

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Handle Demolition Yourself 

For those homeowners that have a bit of stress, they want to relieve then demolition can be a blast, no pun intended. One aspect to remember about this is to avoid areas with electric and plumbing. The last thing you want to do is to burst a pipe due to a lack of comprehension of where the pipes are. You do not want to pay a contractor to handle this when you can easily remove tile or a wall. Doing this can be a bonding experience for a couple or someone demolishing parts of the home with their teen. Nothing can help you take out your aggression like a sledgehammer especially after a long day dealing with clients or in-laws.

Rent a Dumpster

Getting your own dumpster is going to be important as paying contractors to haul off the materials will be expensive. Finding a dumpster rental in Austin or Houston is as simple as searching online. The company will bring the dumpster to your home then pick it up after a certain amount of time. These dumpsters can also come in handy when clearing out trees or other materials in order to make room for an addition to your home. Understand how much you will be paying for a company to haul off materials rather than allowing your contractor to calculate this by weight. Companies that rent out these dumpsters oftentimes have an eco-friendly way of disposing of the materials to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Consider Imitation or Replacement Materials 

The truth is that not every home needs marble or even wood flooring. There are so many options in today’s world of flooring that include tile that looks exactly like wood. The largest difference in this tile is that it doesn’t scratch and is far more durable than wood flooring. A person that has kids or rambunctious pets should consider this option due to the affordability and reduced maintenance when compared to wood. The look after the renovation is done is far more important than the materials that are used as long as they are long-lasting. Nobody is going to care or even notice for the most part if you opt for a cheaper alternative that looks nearly identical. 

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Home renovations are imperative to keep your home updated and your home’s resale value at its highest. This does not mean that you cannot opt to try some of the tips above to make this project more affordable. Costs add up so reduce them where necessary without impacting the overall quality of the finished renovation. 

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