Installing a new insulating glass unit: tips from the experts

Restoration of an old house or renovation of a modern property begins with the façade. To update the exterior, windows need to be replaced. If your windows let in drafts, do not close well or have other problems with functionality, it is worth thinking about choosing an insulating glass unit made of a different material. 

The company Homequote offers different types of windows that provide maximum energy efficiency and noise insulation. You can choose a stylish insulated glass unit in the form of an arch, a bay window or a more classic version. Your home will be transformed in minutes and your facade will look more stylish.

The most popular windows with one sash

Single sash windows are the choice of most homeowners. The insulating glass unit is installed in both small private houses and country cottages. They can often be seen in commercial premises. The simple design and construction go well with any type of interior and exterior.

The advantages of this type of windows are the following:

  1. Budget preservation. The single door models are available at an affordable price, so they are great for owners regardless of their income. Maintenance costs are low, the design does not involve complex elements that require regular replacement.
  2. Good level of insulation. One sash remains stationary, hermeticity in it is not violated. The movable part is well protected from the weather, provides an excellent level of noise and heat insulation.
  3. No protruding elements. Such windows are perfect for installation in any room, on the patio. Open sash does not prevent movement and does not protrude towards the street. 

Homequote offers the installation of single sash insulating glass unit, which will be a laconic addition to the interior and exterior design. You can contact our specialists to make measurements and find out the cost of the work.

Functional sliding windows

If you dream of plenty of natural light in every room, sliding windows come to the rescue. The models that take up the entire wall (from floor to ceiling) are a great option. They perfectly combine with your interior, have a comfortable way to open compared to classic window models.

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Glass panels slide on rails, providing free air exchange. Your room will be filled with light and fresh air. Panoramic windows offer a gorgeous view of the yard, and the room becomes visually larger.

The sashes do not reduce the amount of available space – they move along the wall, so there is no need to free up part of the room near the window. If the area of the room is not designed for the classic sash model, panoramic sliding windows will be a great solution.

Our specialists offer several types of sliding windows:

  • single window (only one sash is moved);
  • double slider (two sections move);
  • three panels (inside the frame – three panes, side sashes move, the part in the middle remains fixed).

Installation of this type of windows will greatly improve the appearance of your room. Specialists will help to take measurements and update the interior of the room by installing a sliding panoramic insulating glass unit.

Reasons for urgent window replacement

If you can’t decide to replace the insulating glass unit, pay attention to the most popular reasons that require urgent repair work. The first is increased utility costs. If the windows begin to let in cold air, energy consumption increases (heaters are used more often). To avoid unexpected costs, it is worth ordering windows with reinforced insulation and more windows.

Frame deformation or deterioration of the insulating glass unit are also reasons for urgent replacement. When the sashes open worse, stick, it is time to check the functioning of the fittings. In some cases, installing a new window is less expensive than repairing it.

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Pay attention to the windows inside the room. If they seem significantly colder during the cold season, the tightness of the sashes is broken and air from the street enters the room. The room gets colder, so more heaters need to be connected. Order the installation of new insulating glass unit to forget about the chill in the room.

Another reason to replace windows is foundation settling. In this case, the frames can warp and the fittings can stop working correctly. When there are problems with opening or closing the window, it is worth contacting professionals – they will evaluate the extent of work required and offer the best solution. This can be a restoration of the old window or installation of another insulating glass unit.

Choosing contractors to install new windows

For residents of Jeffersontown, Kentucky, Homequote assistance is available. Firms that are licensed to do a certain type of work will be offered to you. On the site, you can select your own region and get a list of contractors that are near you. You won’t have to do any work yourself – the specialists will help you make measurements, dismantle and install new insulating glass units.

Your task is to fill out the online form on the site. Then, several relevant offers from specialists will open in front of you. The only thing to do is to choose the more suitable company and agree on a number of works in your house.

The cost of the insulating glass unit depends on the selected type of window, its size. The cost of installation services is also taken into account. You can study the offers from each company and compare the rates, then place an order. Cooperating with the best contractors, you get high quality and speed of work.

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