4 Top Industries to Use Salesforce CRM

4 Top Industries to Use Salesforce CRM

The age of the consumer is in today’s world due to the ability of anyone to leave a review, reach out on social media, or publish on their blog if they are unhappy with products/services a company has provided. Customer experience has never been more important as technology has truly empowered the consumer. Salesforce CRM is widely used due to its convenience, capabilities, and seamless integration with other solutions. The customer relationship management product is second to none for a variety of industries. Below are 5 industries that use Salesforce CRM along with some reasons why many organizations in these niches do so. 


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Software is going to continue to boom as an industry with automation allowing certain software to replace hours worth of work. Companies or individuals that are paying premium rates to utilize software annually need to be managed appropriately. Customers that have called in with issues multiple times might be able to be sold another subscription if this is acknowledged along with a discount provided. Marketing pieces of software or other solutions can be done automatically by Salesforce CRM. Those in software can appreciate all that this CRM has to offer as software companies are a large part of the customer-base for Salesforce. 


Healthcare is an area where patients are not going to compromise on their experience or quality of care they are receiving. In the age of telemedicine, it has become far more common to utilize a tool like a CRM. The ability to leave notes about a specific patient is going to be essential. There are going to be those patients that are nothing but trouble that need to be met with a smile. Mitigating a poor attitude with a smile and a friendly attitude can be just enough. Asking about children or pets that have been mentioned can give that extra personal touch many patients are looking for. Cloud technology has also made it easy to look at a patient’s medical history in real-time along with seeing what happened during previous appointments. 

Financial Services

The trust that is associated with allowing someone to manage money whether they are a stockbroker or wealth management professional is unparalleled for many. The relationship that a person has with their financial service provider needs to be extremely strong. A stockbroker might not always be able to recommend stocks that will appreciate in value. Most clients do not realize that their brokers get paid on trades rather than the money that they personally make. Below are a few advantages that Salesforce CRM offers to those companies offering financial services: 

  • Financial goals can be recorded as people tend to have different goals as they go through life. A person could have hit their financial goal with a specific investment which will cause their strategy to change. 
  • Birthdays and conversations can be written down for future use. 
  • Upselling services becomes far easier if a client truly feels valued by their service provider. 

Charities and Other Nonprofit Organizations 

Salesforce for nonprofits might seem confusing to many as charities rarely are selling specific products or services. What you need to think about is fundraising when it comes to a charity or nonprofit organization. The ability to market events or integrate the platform with social media is just an additional benefit. The data that is gathered can allow the organization to raise as much money and make events a success through data-driven decisions that are made. Being able to leave notes for specific donors can help teams reach out to these people in more intelligent ways. 

The focus on the customer has become as important than ever before. Do not allow a current customer to opt for a competitor due to their experience which can be managed. Take the time to see how Salesforce CRM can help your organization today. The convenience of this solution not only comes from efficiency but also the ease of integration with other technology that a company is utilizing. 


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