Chris Evans Movies with the Best to Worst Rating

Chris Evans Movies

Chris Evans is an actor of American origin who started in the Hollywood film industry in 1997. Till now, he has delivered quite a few stellar performances, out of which Knives Out is one of his recent hits. In this article, we will list down several Chris Evans movies in the order of rating from highest to lowest. Although he started his career at quite a young age, he delivered his first notable performance in 2005. It was his character of Human Torch, in the movie Fantastic Four that earned him huge appreciation.

Chris Evans was also a part of the sequel of Fantastic Four that came out in 2007. A similar character he played was Captain America or Steve Rogers is one of Marvel’s masterpieces. He then went on to impress the audience with his charm and good looks along with his fine acting skills. Presently, he is one of the highest-paid actors in the Hollywood film industry.

When we are talking about Chris Evans movies now, one performance that requires special mention. It is his character of Mount Rushmore in Boston. Before this, Boston leading men only included the famous trio of Ben Affleck, Wahlberg, and Matt Damon. However, the concept and the audience’s views have changed and Chris Evans now joins the trinity.

Post his performance in Captain America, Evans has evolved as an actor too. He has received an incredible amount of critical acclamation. He has indeed disappointed his fans and viewers quite a few times but made up to it with yet another fantastic performance. So, let’s take a look at some of the most incredible Chris Evans movies and some not so good ones too.

Chris Evans movies in descending order of ranking

Now that you are already acquainted with some of the extra facts about the actor, let’s check out some of the popular Chris Evans movies.


Snowpiercer is a 2014 movie that tells the story of an attempt to apply engineering tactics on the climate leading to a disaster. It was an artificial attempt that took the planet back into the Ice Age. Now, every human being on Earth has no other option but to survive on a massive ice-boring train. In the movie, Chris Evans plays the role of a lower-class worker named Curtis Everett. He takes the initiative of starting a movement along with other poor people around. The uprising starts in the caboose area. It then gradually moves towards the locomotive area that is facing extremely opulent weather.

The movie also stars other fantastic actors such as Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer, and Ed Harris. The initial planning was to make a national release, only in the USA. Later, the stellar storyline, and performances hit the audience. It is then that the makers decided against releasing the movie internationally. Moreover, it was a great idea because people loved the move all over the world. Also, it is considered as one of the best Chris Evans movies till now.

The Avengers

One of the most famous Chris Evans movies, The Avengers released in 2012 and became a blockbuster. The movie was a presentation of the Marvel Extended Universe, and the earnings made it one of the best movies of the decade. Later, all the sequels gained equal popularity, and the franchise is now unbeatable at the Box Office. In this movie, Thor’s brother Loki takes over the Tesseract’s control. Later, he decides to enslave the planet. It is then that the Avenger’s team arises to protect the world from Loki’s evil intentions.

The person responsible behind the creation of this team was Nick Fury (played by Samuel L. Jackson). The superhero team consists of Captain America, Thor, Hulk, and Iron Man. Later, the team of four joins the already famous duo of Hawkeye and the Black Widow. Now, will they be enough to defeat Loki’s superpowers? To know more, you must watch the movie now. The fantastic thrill and effects used in the movie attracted an audience of all age groups. Also, Chris Evans successfully established himself as a fine action character and actor.

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Captain America: Civil War

Chris Evans had already proved himself as one of the best in the 2012 movie The Avengers. Now, Captain America: Civil War was yet another option for Evans to prove his worth in the action world. In this movie, the storyline is even more interesting. There is no villain because two superheroes fight each other. Tony Stark (played by the amazing Robert Downey Jr.) A.K.A Iron Man stands against Chris Evans’ Captain America or Steven Rogers.

Here, you will see how Iron Man joins the UN Organization supporting their view towards the Avengers. It all occurs after an incident resulting in civilian casualties takes place in Nigeria. Captain America can be seen opposing Iron Man in this action. It is because he feels that Iron Man’s association with the government and bureaucracy problems will have adverse effects.

Captain America suggests that being a part of such problems will make them unable to fight for justice. Moreover, they will be diverting from the motto of avengers to save the people on this planet. The best part is that the entire conflict situation looks very realistic throughout the movie. The audience found the action scenes highly appealing as well.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Another from the Chris Evans movies of the Captain America series, this was released in 2014. Although it was released before the Civil War, it falls next to it due to the rating it received. In this movie, both Falcon (Anthony Mackie), and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) comes in support of Captain America. The fantastic trio then protects the world from the evil intentions of The Winter Soldier.

The dark character is a part of Hydra, which is a dangerously criminal organization. The enterprise works in association with all the villains who are trying to cause harm to innocent people on Earth. The cinematography and action sequences in this movie are fantastic too. However, the best part is yet to come. You will get to see the best part of it all when Captain America realizes the unexpected. The end becomes more interesting when you will find out that the Winter Soldier is Bucky Barnes.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

If you are still stuck in watching only the Chris Evans movies 2019, then it is time you look back a little. The movie Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was released back in 2010, and the storyline was very impressive. Also, Chris Evans played his character flawlessly despite not being the lead in the movie. Along with touches of animation and cartoonish effects, this movie went on to become a sleeper hit. However, Evans made a mark with his performance yet again, and his career started leaping soon.

In this movie, Scott Pilgrim (played by Michael Cera) is a slacker guitarist. Now, the man is in love with Ramona Flowers (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead). However, to impress her completely, Scott must compete with her seven exes, who are all evil in nature. Out of these seven, Evans plays one of them.

His character is called Lucas Lee, and he is a cruel fellow. Also, Lee is a professional skateboarder and actor who is vain and comically cruel too. The film is based on a graphical novel, and the director tries to maintain visual authenticity throughout. The live-action sequences are the highlights of the movie apart from Chris Evans’s bad boy game in this.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Considering the massive success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it still feels like we watched it all begin yesterday. The charming Chris Evans won hearts and blew our minds in a way that we did not realize that it is almost a decade now. It was the first time in 2011 that Evans started his journey as Captain America A.k.a, Steven Rogers. The transformation of Rogers from being a skinny American guy to the robust Captain America is amazing.

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The fight between him and Johann Schmidt A.K.A Hugo Weaving is interesting. Also, the bonding between Steve and his companions, especially Bucky Barnes A.K.A Sebastian Stan won the love of all viewers. We all became fans of Captain America, and the journey is still on. People from six to sixty fell in love with the character and storyline, and there started the ultimate success story.


One of the most unrealistic storylines that you must have come across, this 2007 sci-fi still impressed the audience. Veteran director Danny Boyle came up with this unreal concept in which the Sun does not light up anymore. The Earth is now a completely gloomy place where everything has turned into ice. The people are dying and have nowhere else to go anymore, except for one option. There is only one ship that will carry a few people who are set out on a mission to save the planet.

They have a nuclear weapon like a bomb that will do the work. So, the ship will travel across the entire Solar System, and then place the bomb into the Sun. The only way of the Sun to light up again is when the mighty bomb explodes. In the movie, Evan plays a vital role in the prime engineer of the rescue ship by the name of Mace. He plays such an unrealistic and imaginary character with incredible ease. Also, the gravity of his character lifted the movie’s worth despite a dystopian storyline.

The Iceman

The movie of Iceman is the real-life story of Richard Kuklinski, a famous Hitman. The protagonist of the 2013 release was Michael Shannon. The man is mysterious as hell and has been a professional killer for over two decades. Chris Evans portrays a vital role of Robert Pronge, also known as Freezy. His look in the movie is amazing and he is unrecognizable in that avatar.

He works as Kuklinski’s associate and is his confidante too. After the main man Kuklinski goes on suspension, Freezy takes over. The man behind the suspension of the famous hitman was the mob boss. The thriller unleashes slowly, and you will not be able to move one-bit throughout. If you are yet to watch this fantastic film, you must wait no more. Some stellar acts and amazing cinematography makes it one of the best films of the decade.


Puncture did not make a mark at the box office despite a beautiful, and sensitive storyline. However, after this movie, Chris Evans’ performance received incredible critical acclamation. The movie is inspired by real events, and Evans plays the role of Mike Weiss.

He is a lawyer as well as a drug addict. Later, he takes up the case of a nurse and decides to fight for her. The nurse is infected with AIDS after a needle prick that took place in the hospital mistakenly. Both of them go on to sue the government and healthcare industry for harmful cost-cutting.

They want to prove in the court of law that the healthcare industry is trying to use and push cheaper needle varieties to save money. As a result, several people are exposed to the risk of contagious diseases and infections such as AIDS. After the release of the movie, it surely did not gain much popularity. However, Roger Ebert proudly compared Evans’ performance with that of Nicolas Cage and the legendary Al Pacino.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

A sequel of the epic movie Fantastic Four, in this 2007 release, Chris Evans joins the other superheroes on a mission. They all promise to protect the planet against the dangerous alien by the name of the Silver Surfer. The alien seems to be mighty and is in a rush to destroy every planet that he steps on. Despite an excellent star cast and awesome cinematography, the movie did not earn much. As a result, Fox decided not to plan the sequel of this in 2015. However, it is still one of the best Chris Evans movies.

Final thoughts

We are now at the end of this curated list of some of the most popular Chris Evans movies. You already know that he is an incredible actor with a charming personality. So, let’s wait for some more Chris Evans movies 2020 for our entertainment.

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