Can Chicken Be Cooked From Frozen State?



In the more recent years, ever since technology has developed, one cannot help but debate over frozen chicken in everyday meals. Like pretty much any debate across the globe, there are parties both for and against. Thereby posing the question that can chicken be cooked from frozen state, if yes, then how? In this article, we shall be listing out some methods of doing so and a few benefits and disadvantages of the same as well.


To begin with, let us delve into the history of frozen chicken. Technology itself has developed in leaps and bounds. Such is the situation today; many individuals can eat meat daily without making a cumbersome run to the supermarket only because of the availability of a freezer in the house. 

Meat tends to get spoilt quickly when stored at room temperature. However, keeping chicken-like meats in a freezer at sub-zero temperatures helps them remain consumable not just for a few hours but for a few months altogether. Here arises the debate, and this isn’t just limited to the safety of consuming a frozen chicken; it also extends to the potential change in composition and nutritional value.

Myths Around Frozen Chicken

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While the facts confirm that frozen chicken may lose a portion of its supplements when it’s frozen and bundled, this misfortune in sustenance is very insignificant. 

Some believe in purchasing fresh chicken then, at that point, freezing it at home so it can last more while as yet holding its high dietary benefit. Notwithstanding, chicken frozen at home may be less nutritious than the chicken frozen by poultry providers as home coolers are simply intended to keep frozen food sources cold and not to freeze food sources. 

In the somewhat significant time frame that it takes to freeze the fresh chicken meat; ice between the fibers of the flesh and the nutrition is literally squeezed out. Interestingly, the nutritious juices are maintained in frozen chicken meat, which is frozen directly by poultry providers. That is, frozen rapidly at shallow temperatures because the ice has no ideal opportunity to take shape.

The discernment that fresh chicken meat is more nutritious than frozen chicken meat could likewise originate from the standard and erroneous belief that frozen meat is handled meat, which is regularly stacked with horribly significant degrees of different additives. Nonetheless, frozen chicken doesn’t really need any additives because their low temperatures forestall the development of micro-organisms that cause rotting, albeit some frozen chicken can be infused with additives now and again.

The Dilemma

It happens ever so often that we are occupied, and the meal hour moves around before we even get an opportunity to consider what to make. On a day like this, we presumably didn’t think to set out our frozen chicken with the goal that it could thoroughly defrost for an easy cooking process. Here arises our question, “can chicken be cooked from frozen state?.”

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Any time you’re taking care of raw meat, regardless of whether frozen or fresh; it’s fit to consume ought to be top of the psyche. Be that as it may, chicken ought to never be cooked from a frozen state in a microwave or utensil that simmers it. 

To avoid the defrosting step and transform your frozen chicken into a wholly cooked, fit-to-consume supper; utilize your broiler or burner and just increment your cooking time by essentially half. The biggest dangers of slow cooking frozen chicken are that there is enough time for it to start decaying even before it is cooked. It may even be too late for you to realize it. 

Similarly, in a microwave, you may end up cooking the chicken too fast on the surface; so while it might really seem hot on the outside; it actually is uncooked and susceptible to bacteria formation on the inside. This should pretty much answer your question, “can chicken be cooked from frozen state?.”


In the Oven:

Cooking chicken in the oven from the state of being frozen is equivalent to cooking from its fresh form, just with marginally longer cooking times. It is proposed that cooking frozen chicken at a slightly lower temperature than you would cook fresh chicken is highly advised. Perhaps just by about 15 degrees Fahrenheit.


Preheat the broiler to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Set a rack in the broiler. 

Line a sheet with foil or paper. 

Use a brush and lather the chicken with oil, flavors, or potentially sauces of your decision. 

Cook uncovered. See below for approximate cook times for frozen chicken. 

Check if it has been cooked by utilizing a thermometer. Try it with the thickest piece of meat. When it peruses something like 165 degrees Fahrenheit, be assured that it’s finished. 

Permit the meat to rest 5 to 10 minutes before cutting. 

On the Stove:

Frozen chicken likewise does very well on the burner. In spite of the fact that you can sauté it; the all-inclusive cooking time makes it simple to scorch the outside without thoroughly cooking within. That is the reason it is suggested to be stewed in a container with sauce or stock.


Position the chicken in a sauté skillet or pot. 

Marinate and garnish as per your taste. 

Cover the chicken with stock or sauce. 

Heat to the point of boiling over medium-high warmth. 

Diminish to a lower flame, cover, and cook for the predetermined time; until the inside temperature arrives at 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

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