Watchmen Seaon 1 Episode 8: Streaming Details And More Updates!

Watchmen Season 1

The source material should never have been attached to the show. If you wanted to create a show about race relations which is primarily what the show is poorly depicting. Then simply create a show about race relations. Now the first sequel of the show is running on the screens.

It is hard to do though because there would be no acclaimed name attached to your culturally divisive messages. Therefore, rendering your audience far too sparse to convince any HBO executive you are worthy.

The content of the show should win an audience based on the merit of all its moving parts. The shots and cinematography are great (par for the course for a show that has been given a massive budget).

The music some will most likely praise but harkens back to that of Mr. Robot retro soundtrack. The writing is subpar along with logical consistency and storytelling. The tone is nearly unreadable and often leaves one wondering.

The sprinkling in of watchmen lore is also quite ponderous to the primary demographic of comic fans who will be watching this show.

To the legions of morbidly curious lonely mothers and bored middle-aged bipeds they will soon be delighted with a show they will be sadly remiss for criticizing due to the touchy subject matter. A true gift to no one but maybe the victims of Tulsa who deserve recognition for the outright evil actions committed there and in many other neighboring states at the time.

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