Ozark Season 3: Fans Figure Out Wendy and Darlene are worst Characters!

ozark season 3

One of the popular HBO’s series Ozark would be popular series In the United States After Game of thrones. There are many evil characters in the show such as Wendy, Darlee and Ruth are putting their evil side to get their way.

The portrayal of women in Ozark would be the future of women in a world of action, crime and conflict. They are portraying the characters of wives, girlfriends, love interests and evil house breakers. So the fans have reached to this Wendy and Darlene are the evil characters of the show.

Fans don’t like Wendy, and one of the fans wrote that ” She cheated her husband Marty and caused instability. She knows she and her husband are in a threatening, but she is still doing things without consulting Marty.

Moreover, fans also wrote that her van owns her daughter, and she did not pay attention to her kids. So I hate her so much.”

Another fan expressed as ” I viewed Wendy very differently. She does things unilaterally in the second season. In the finale, she did something that we thought that’s not possible in a few earlier episodes. According to my point of view, Wendy creates messed.

Another person added the ugly deeds of Darlene, ” Same deal with Darlene she can’t let go her pride for two seconds to see that the casino is beneficial for three parties in which Marty, Cartel and the Snells included.

Fans shared their viewers and said the Wendy and Darlene are the worst characters.

On the other side, some fans said, Wendy, is a smart and strong woman. They labelled her as Charismatic.

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Well, the series will dance on the floor in 2020 and let’s see what female characters have done in the third series.

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