October 3, 2019 Celebrated as National Boyfriend’s Day in United States

Today is National Boyfriend’s Day, so happy Boyfriend’s Day to each and every BF in the world!!!

It’s the day when every GF wants to make her boyfriend feel special and express gratitude. It is National Boyfriend’s Day in United States, for those who don’t know.  This day was meant to be observed as an event essentially in the United States on October 3 every year. Boyfriend day is extremely popular, and people also prefer to spend time with their boyfriends on this day.  That is from gifts to surprises, on this day boyfriends are pampered by their counterparts. They usually take them out on the dates, or go to their favourite places, to make the day more memorable.

As at any occasion on this day, people send beautiful and loving messages to say Happy Boyfriend’s Day, to their boyfriends.


The reason behind the invention of this day is that people felt that boyfriends were not as important as other relations. For example as mothers, grandparents, fathers,  all have a day dedicated to them, so people decided to give the boyfriends also some importance.

But still nobody knows its official origin, or the person or group, who had took that initiative at the start of such an observance. But over the years, the National Boyfriend’s Day is widely observed and also being loved among the couples. That day is also yet another reason for the people in relationship to celebrate it.

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