Amazon and Walt Disney Dispute Over Amazon’s Fire TV devices

Walt Disney Co. and Inc. are at each other’s throat over the terms for carrying the entertainment giant’s apps in Amazon’s Fire TV devices, an ongoing dispute that highlights the new power struggles, emerging in streaming economy.


Amazon Inc is pushing for right to sell a substantial percentage of the ad space, on Disney apps, but so far Disney has resisted. Some are also speculating that both the companies will reach an agreement. But in case they don’t, then Disney apps could be removed from the Amazon Fire TV that is the second largest distributor of streaming of TV apps. Disney is also having several apps which includes for networks such as ESPN, Disney Channel and ABC.


Fire TV has no deal at present to carry Disney+, because of the dispute, and upcoming Disney streaming video service set to launch on Nov. 12.


The Amazon’s Fire TV is an internet connected streaming media player that actually lets the user’s stream content to their TVs, from a range of apps that includes Amazon’s own Prime Video, Sling TV, Netflix Inc., and offerings from a host of TV networks. Amazon’s Fire TV had grabbed 29% of U.S. market for streaming media boxes in the second quarter, according to Strategy Analytics, that is behind only rival Roku Inc.


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