Mythomaniac Season 2: When Will the Show Available on Netflix?

Mythomaniac Season 2

Mythomaniac is the french series that broadcast on Arte in France. Netflix acquired the rights to release the series on Netflix platform on 28th November 2019.

The good news for fans is that Mythomaniac show has renewed for the second season.

In the show, new stars Marina Hands, Jeremy Gillet, Mathieu Demy and Marrie Drion are included. Well here is the good news for all the fans who absolutely loved the season 1.

The production of the Second instalment will start in January 2020. The filming has set that will start in January 2020. It will air in France in fall 2020. But on Netflix, it will release in early 2021. Fabrice Gobert is the showrunner and director of the show.

The exact release date is not confirmed yet. However, according to sources, it will air in fall 2020 on Arte. But Netflix release date is not announced.

Fabrice said that the show could end after episode 6. many people said the show could be ended after episode 6, but the showrunner said no!. People will watch the struggle of all the problems they have. Moreover, he said people would really enjoy the series.

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