Keanu Reeves’s Films Matrix 4 and John Wick 4 are coming on the same day!

Matrix 4
News is spreading on the internet that John Wick 4 and Matrix 4 will release on the same day. Both will come on screen on 21st May 2021.
John Wick series had already announced this date.

However, on Wednesday, another news came that upcoming Warner Bros films would also be reporting on 21st May 2021 in which Matrix 4 also included.

Before that, some reports were saying that the fourth sequel of John Wick could be delayed because Keanu Reeves s busy with matrix 4,
However, this time a schedule has packed and both will reach on the same day.

Many Keanu Reeves memes got viral on the internet. Fans are very excited, and there is a flood of comments and posts. Many said that 21st 2021 day should be observed as Keanu Day.

There were so many comments viral-like “Double the Keanu” Keanu is taking all the money at the movies and many others like that.

Keanu Reeves us going through a powerful career with the blockbuster film john Wich franchise, Toy Story 4 and as supporting role in Netflix series ” Always be my maybe.”

Moreover, the actor was also seen in the premiere of Siberia at Metrograph in New York. Besides Reeves also tapped as the nonplayable character on Cyberpunk 2077.

According to some reports, Marvel and Disney’s studios are trying to find a place for him in their cinematic universe. Well, that was a hectic and big day as well as yer for Keanu. So best wishes to him.


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