Jerry Harris Arrest: Cheers Star Booked for Soliciting Child Pornography

Jerry Harris arrest

The Cheers star Jerry Harris arrest took place on September 17 on the grounds of child pornography. There are allegations against him for enticing a minor boy to provide him with sexually explicit photos and videos of himself. The United States Attorney’s press release for the Northern District of Illinois reveals the whole story. It states how Jerry Harris convinced an underage boy through a popular social media platform. Harris then frequently started to tempt him to produce sexually explicit photographs and videos of himself.

According to state officials, the minor, during his initial interaction with Harris, told him that he was only 13 years old. The Jerry Harris arrest is based on one incident of child pornography that comes with severe sentencing. The minimum punishment against these charges is imprisonment of minimum 15 and a maximum of 30 years. After Jerry’s arrest, media houses approached his team for comments regarding the same. However, none of the staff was available for a statement. Jerry’s first court appearance was on September 17.

The attorneys of the victim are full of appreciation for the investigators for their prompt action. According to an official statement by Stewart & Finaldi, they are all very thankful that the FBI and the U.S. Attorney were so rapid. Besides, their spontaneity to safeguard children by arresting, investigating, and charging Morgan Stewart, Jerry Harris, and Sarah Klein is commendable. Another person who gets a part of the credit is the victim’s mother, who shed all inhibitions and came forward. It was an immensely courageous act on her end to lodge a complaint that led to Jerry Harris’s arrest.

Jerry Harris arrest: There is so much proof against him

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The initial complaint was lodged to the Police Department of Fort worth, and also the FBI. The victim’s mother came with enough evidence of sexual harassment, manipulation, exploitation, and abuse. Not one, but both of her sons fell victim to Harris’s heinous act. The arrest took place just a couple of days after news of the investigation went public. USA Today was the first media publication to cover the story. According to them, several authorities and sources were investigating the matter involving the 21-year old. They are trying to discover the authenticity of the allegations against him for soliciting sex and sexual photographs from minors.

Responding to the allegations and reports, Harris’s attorneys are disputing all the claims against him. According to them, these are invalid, mostly when Harris was a teenager. They are quite confident that the truth will prevail when the entire investigation is over. The complaint against Jerry Harris mentions that he demanded pornography videos and images on multiple occasions from the twins.

The report further includes Jerry’s confession in a voluntary interview on September 14 with law enforcement. He admitted to the allegations regarding him demanding pornographic videos and photographs through Snapchat. The incident took place despite him being aware that the boys were 13-year old. Further, the Cheer star revealed about continuous conversations with the minors between December 2018 to March 2020.

Harris committed the crime knowingly

The criminal report states that there is a strong probability to believe that Harris, despite being aware of the crime, committed it. He employed, coerced, used, enticed, induced, and persuaded the children to be a part of the act. Jerry’s fans first saw him during his appearance in Cheer’s, a hit show on Netflix. The docuseries were about a cheerleaders group from Navarro College trying to achieve a national title.

Following his appearance in the show and a few other lively talk shows, Jerry Harris garnered a huge fan. A part of that fan base is his 1.2 million followers on Instagram. However, he is facing the consequences after his arrest. For example, he has lost his partnership deal with General Mills soon after discovering the unfortunate news about him. According to the company’s spokesperson, there is no way in which they want to associate themselves with such a person.

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