Arrow Season 8 Episode 6 Review – ‘Reset’

arrow season 8

Arrow is one of the favourite comic book shows of all time. Being a proud fan of Super Hero TV and keeping up with all of the CW-verse shows. Arrow is the golden egg in the sometimes messy pieces of a superhero universe the CW has constructed.

However, Arrow Season 8 is now throwing its episode 6 titles as “Reset”. It will expect that Paul Blackthorn’s Quentin Lance will return to the show for the last time as it is the main character of the show which continues to appear in the show from the first season.

As you have seen in the other reviews, Arrow fell through in Season 8. But otherwise has consistently maintained interest with viewers being their most-watched show each season.

Arrow has a network of different characters gradually broadening through its time. Although through 7 seasons characters become occasionally duller or repetitive, the writers throw twists and developments throughout the series. The show hits a home run on their action sequences and all-around story.

Daredevil only rivals it for its action and violence sequences using comic accurate fighting styles along with great stunt actors and choreography.

The Arrow is a show that would be worth it to watch. The whole thing and possibly even re-watch. It has action and enjoyable moments. Overall a great plot, and characters you get emotionally attached to.

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