Why Your Dog Could Benefit From CBD

benefits of CBD for dogs

Humans around the world have been enjoying the numerous benefits of CBD. With the CBD market’s continuous growth, it’s undeniable that CBD oil will be a mainstay for the lifestyles of people from all backgrounds. Plus, CBD has also proven to be helpful not just for humans, but for dogs as well. Find the benefits of CBD for dogs.

But first, what exactly is CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabidiol, a compound that can be found in the cannabis sativa plant. It’s the active ingredient in medical marijuana although CBD has grown to be a commodity in itself through CBD oil. 

CBD oil is mainly extracted from the hemp plant and unlike medical marijuana, it is not psychoactive, which means that it does not generate the “high” that cannabis is mainly associated with, allowing for a fuller and perhaps a more comfortable enjoyment of its numerous health benefits.

How Does CBD Interact with the Body?

Our bodies benefit from CBD through the endocannabinoid system. Although there is much to be discovered as to how this complex biological system actually works, it has been found to impact a number of major physiological processes, such as your appetite, mood, sleep, and even your memory.

After consuming CBD, the compound interacts with the endocannabinoid system through the cannabinoid receptors. This interaction ultimately gives rise to the numerous beneficial effects of CBD for your health, such as pain relief, anxiety reduction, and the alleviation of cancer symptoms.

What can CBD do For My Dog? 

Research has found that animals, including dogs, also have their own endocannabinoid system. With this in mind, does it mean that dogs can also benefit from consumption in the same way humans do? Although studies on this question are relatively scarce, it has been adequately proven benefits of CBD for dogs, through their endocannabinoid system, can actually enjoy the benefits of CBD for dogs as well. 

Here are some of the benefits that CBD can provide to man’s best friend:

A Natural Painkiller

CBD has been shown to be effective in helping relieve pain. A study has shown that CBD contributes to anandamide levels in the body. Anandamide is a chemical that aids in the reception of pain signals to the brain. With CBD use, anandamide levels are increased temporarily which can reduce painful sensations. Furthermore, CBD also has anti-inflammatory properties which makes it very effective in alleviating pain caused by inflammation. Through this, you can help your dog feel more relaxed and ensure an overall more comfortable environment for your pet.

Anxiety and Stress Relief

Like us humans, dogs also suffer from anxiety and stress. Dog owners are well aware of this especially when the fireworks come, but anxiety and stress may also be a result of a variety of triggers and even phobias. This is easily apparent in our pet dogs as they get all fidgety when stressed or anxious, and may even exhibit tremors. With CBD use, these symptoms and their underlying causes are addressed as a result of CBD’s anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effects. 

Nausea Treatment

Much like humans, nausea is fairly common among dogs and is caused by a variety of triggers, which can lead to harmful effects if left untreated. Vomiting due to nausea may lead to a decreased appetite, dehydration, and fatigue. Research suggests that CBD may treat nausea and vomiting in order to prevent its possible serious effects. In fact, CBD may even prove to be advantageous as compared to other traditional nausea medicine which may produce adverse side effects.

Appetite Control

It’s tremendously important to watch the eating habits of our pets. You wouldn’t want your pet to be missing meals without you knowing it, and it can get pretty worrying to see that your dog hasn’t touched his food at all. Luckily, CBD can be used to stimulate appetite and ensure that your dog is eating right. CBD does this by stimulating the production of hormones which regulate appetite. 


One of CBD’s main selling points is its anti-inflammatory effects. It interacts with receptors in immune cells which respond through fighting inflammation. By using CBD, dogs are granted relief from pain caused by inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, irritable bowel disease, and many more.

Should I Give CBD to My Dog?

The choice as to whether or not you should give CBD to your dog is ultimately yours as its owner. These benefits are not exclusive to CBD, and there are other more traditional products which can generate the same outcomes, although there is the potential of harmful side effects. Before deciding to use CBD on your dog, it’s best to consult a veterinarian beforehand. There are multiple CBD products for dogs apart from oils, such as CBD treats and snacks.

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