Why PUBG Sued Epic Games?

The publisher Epic Games, Fortnite developer and PUBG Corp., and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer, and their relationship was believed to be somewhat fractious, if look at the two games competition, not to mention PUBG’s attempted suing of Epic games in the time span of less than two years. But the studio director of PUBG Corp.’s Brian Corrigan, has now claimed that couldn’t be further from truth. He told that the People have this idea that, there is some animosity or something with the Epic games, but they are one of our best partners, that we talk to them all the time!

Hence relationship between these two companies seems complicated. As PUBG Corp. also filed a lawsuit against Epic games back in 2017, proclaiming its growing concerns about the similarities between “battle royale mode” in Epic Games newly revealed Fortnite and PUBG, but that legal case was later on canceled.

The parent company of PUBG Corp., Bluehole has an ongoing licensing agreement with Epic that is for the latter’s Unreal Engine development tool, and PUBG uses it. Furthermore both the companies are part owned by same corporation, called Tencent.

Epic openly told that PUBG as a key inspiration, for its Battle Royale mode, and the latter has since borrowed the ideas from Fortnite, that has gone on to be amazingly successful. The Fortnite popularized the Seasons and the Battle Pass format of updates, and PUBG has just started its fourth season.

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