Top 5 types of YouTube Videos to get Highest Views


YouTube has been one of the largest search engines and there are millions of people who stream videos on YouTube every day. The power of YouTube has been growing immensely and is unstoppable. Unlike other YouTube alternatives, videos like tutorials to the release of official music videos, YouTube has gained a lot of popularity. Now it has become a medium for business and a platform to share one’s talents. Though music videos top the list of the videos having the highest views, there are several other categories too that are quite popular and are gaining a huge amount of views.

5 Renowned YouTube Videos Types For Highest Views

The following is the list of some of the top categories of YouTube videos that you could consider for getting in loads of views.

1.    Funny Videos

Funny YouTube videos basically incorporate comedy elements into the video that are quite funny and entertaining. It has been observed that people love watching comedy videos since they are like stress relievers for people in their hectic lives. Such videos are loved by people of all generations. Thus, they certainly succeed in capturing numerous viewers.

Most popular among YouTube channels are the ones that portray funny animal instances that receive a huge number of views due to their excellent comic factor. Other funny videos include stand-up comedy videos that are put up by the most promising comedians who really work hard to make people laugh. This is indeed an upcoming field wherein people who are passionate about being a comedian work on their videos and share it with the audience. If the audience is able to connect with you, then you are certainly going to flourish and your video is likely to come among the top trending list.

2.    Tutorial Videos

Among the top searches on YouTube, you would always find people searching for some tutorials or how-to videos that could help them clear their doubts or learn new things that they find difficult. Tutorial videos again have various categories like food, makeup, body care, gaming, etc. While you plan on getting maximum views on your video, make sure to select the right category that will suit your level of expertise.

Tutorial videos basically guide the viewers about a particular service or a product. The basic aim of such tutorials is to make the viewers understand and educate them about all the necessary details of the product or the service. Make sure to cover all the details and at the same time keep things simple. Viewers need to feel the connection and be with you as you proceed with the instructions. Nowadays, people really show interest in such tutorials may it be for a recipe or on how to use a product. And since it is a video, they get better clarity on the procedure.

3.    Prank Videos

Prank videos basically have social influencers carrying out pranks and social experiments on either strangers or sometimes even on their family members or relatives. Prank videos usually get more likes and shares and due to this, prank videos do find a place in the top categories for highest views on YouTube. People like watching such hilarious prank videos. If you manage to press the right funny chord of the viewers then you will definitely succeed in getting maximum views.

4.    Fitness videos

This is yet another amazing category of videos that is beneficial to those viewers who find it extremely difficult to stick to their daily gym routine or the ones who cannot go to the gym on a cold winter day. Fitness videos is a whole package of absolute workout just at home which is quite convenient for most of the viewers due to which these videos succeed in receiving numerous views. Videos like these provide the viewers with a full experience of workout sessions without worrying about going to a gym.

5.    Music videos

On a plethora of YouTube alternative option lists, music videos are among the top categories that successfully capture a huge number of viewers. Due to the combination of musical elements, dance, and some amazing visuals and graphics, people tend to get attracted to watching such videos and giving them more likes and shares. Music videos also include lyrical videos wherein viewers can read the lyrics while they enjoy the soothing music playing behind. Many YouTubers also upload music videos made up of remix songs and upload various versions of the original track. This helps in catering to various tastes of the viewers and people also love the touch of modern beats to it.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the top categories of videos that gain high popularity on YouTube and are known for gaining maximum views and likes. People love watching videos that are not only a source of entertainment but also something that they can relate to in their normal lives. Create a pro channel with best YouTube banner templates and select the category that is in theme with your YouTube channel and you will certainly have a huge audience viewing your videos.

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