To Ensure User Safety, Soul App Continues Optimizing Its Risk Control Mechanism

The increase in telemarketing fraud and internet fraud in recent years has aroused public’s attention. How to ensure the security of social platforms becomes an urgent social issue. Being a popular social playground for young people, Soul App attaches great importance to information security and anti-fraud protection. In this regard, SOUL constantly upgrades its risk control system and enhances anti-fraud knowledge distribution to users. Meanwhile, SOUL also coordinates multiple social forces to establish joint prevention and control mechanisms, in order to resolutely fight against online fraud, targeting at multidimensional protection of young people’s online ecology.

SOUL has established an effective risk control mechanism to create a safe environment for users.

In terms of content risk control, Soul applied a “manual+ machine” double review mechanism to identify the security of content in real-time. At the same time, with powerful technical support, SOUL will mark and warn suspicious actions at an early stage, such as IP anomalies, frequent account information changes, etc. SOUL has applied multi-scenario risk control strategies to protect information security of users.

In addition, SOUL utilizes technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to support full-link risk control by enhancing information recognition capabilities in media such as text, voice, image and video. SOUL’s self-built network portrait black database and fraudster text model are used to identify and block illegal accounts that always use online selfies and wealth flaunting pictures to release information, further reducing security risks.

Data shows that SOUL Anti-fraud Center has banned about 1.05m accounts in 2021. By applying strong risk control technologies and multi-scenario risk control strategies (over 500 scenes), SOUL has established an effective mechanism to ensure the cyber security of 250,000 users.

SOUL has spread anti-fraud knowledge to improve users’ risk awareness.

Except for the optimization of technology and iteration of risk control system, SOUL also pays attention to users’ anti-fraud awareness. That’s why SOUL has taken a series of measures to enhance anti-fraud propaganda and education. For instance, when SOUL’s AI technology identifies the risk content, such as keywords like “transfer”, “online payment”, SOUL’s risk system will automatically shield users from these messages and pop up a warning page with anti-fraud tips to arise users’ vigilance. SOUL users can click to refer to fraud cases, which introduces common forms of online fraud.

(SOUL automatically identifies and blocks high-risk information)

(SOUL pops up anti-fraud tips)

For newly registered users, SOUL automatically sends out the Planet’s Guide to Fraud Prevention, which is a combination of images and examples with rich fraud prevention knowledge. In addition, SOUL sets up the SOUL Anti-fraud Center to take charge of anti-fraud propaganda and user safety assistance. It regularly public the banned account which violated the rules. Meanwhile, it also introduce typical fraud cases, and provide anti-fraud advice to the user, effectively strengthening the user’s anti-fraud knowledge and awareness.

(SOUL Anti-fraud Center)

SOUL has strengthened external cooperation to ensure user safety.

Fraud is a social issue. Mass fraud prevention and treatment can only be solved with the union of internal and external forces. When the deceivers failed to conduct fraud directly on SOUL, they tended to entice users to the third-party platforms. Depending on this situation, SOUL combined with external forces, such as mainstream instant messaging platforms, to carry out strong regulation of underground industry and effectively destroyed over 2,000 lawbreaking bridges.

In terms of cooperation with polices, SOUL has invited a famous anti-fraud expert and police from Shanghai to open anti-fraud online group chat classes. With vivid cases, the police taught users anti-fraud skills in a funny way. At the same time, Soul has cooperated with the cyber security department of Shanghai government and other enterprises to establish an anti-fraud model. Besides, SOUL has set up an anti-fraud team to actively cooperate with the investigation of relevant fraud cases, forming a combined force to strengthen fraud prevention and governance.


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