Resident Evil 3 Remake Blow As Hoped Nemesis Announcement Date is Dashed!

Resident Evil 3

“Resident Evil” is a modern masterpiece of horror that not only proves Capcom is returning to their roots. But it also establishes just how impressive remakes can be. Now, this horror game is returning back for 3rd season.

The release date is not yet announced. However, when it will be confirmed then I will tell you on the same platform.

When it comes to gameplay, the game has toned down the extreme combat and action of recent titles, and resorted to survival horror. Players find themselves frantically searching for ammo and supplies while fighting off undead that wants you in their bellies.

Managing inventory space, and choosing which path you will take to your destination only serve to further the tension. Zombies themselves act aggressive and sporadic, making them some of the more entertaining enemies ever faced.

Regarding the graphics, they are simply incredible. The amount of detail that every room has adds so much to the tone and atmosphere of the game. It is genuinely breathtaking.

Finally, the story is very entertaining. As it stays relatively faithful to the original while adding its own spice. Many have complained that the original story was better. In the Remake for “Resident Evil 3”, there is purposeful fame that leaves players speculating about how these events transpired.

The fantastic voice acting only enhances the story. Moreover, it will lend to the justification of your beloved characters being properly back for a more modern era.

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