Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannuli Guilty of College Admission Scandal

lori loughlin and mossimo giannulli

Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannuli who is an actress and fashion designer respectively are accused of being guilty. Charges have been filed on June 26, 2020, against the couple that leads to a college admission scandal in the USA. However, due to the global pandemic and lockdown, the hearing of the Federal Court was done via Zoom. The federal prosecutors as well as the FBI had accused the couple a year back. Finally, the plea agreement comes out on June 25, 2020. Both Lori Loughlin and Mossimo Giannuli are obviously in denial of having any link with such a scandal.

The case involves rich parents trying to bribe authorities of prestigious educational institutions. It involves false resumes, mark sheets, and fake certificates that help at the time of admission. The celebrity couple is facing allegations of paying a whopping $500,000 to Southern California University to get both their daughters into the institution. They wanted the girls to become crew recruits although none of them took part in the game.

A tough punishment following the scandal allegations

Loughlin is quite popular and a household name after her successful shows, especially the Full House followed by the second part, Fuller House. The woman was accused of conspiracy to execute a mail and wire fraud. She also agreed to the judgment of the court that called for a two-month term in prison along with a penalty of $150,000. The prison term also includes at least 100 hours of community service.

On the other hand, Giannuli has is going to face tougher punishment against the same charges. He will have to serve a five-month prison term. Besides, the penalty amount will be $250,000. Moreover, there will be two-year supervision on him. Plus, he has to participate in 250 hours of community service during his term in prison.

After-effects of the sentencing

There are several rumors about the preciseness and authenticity of the details that have been revealed by the media. There is also news that Nathaniel Gorton, the District Judge of USA may still consider the conditions of their punishment, and make alterations. Both Giannuli and Loughlin have presented their plea agreements in the court that consists of specific conditions. The couple has requested a few provisions and considerations during the entire trial process. They have asked for permission to present an argument during the sentencing. Both of them have brought counter charges on the officials saying that there was misconduct of prosecutorial nature.

They had to face the same during the term of the legal proceedings. Besides, they believe that the defense team was ineffective and that the couple is not content with their counseling. At the beginning of June, Judge Gorton has already denied any type of request regarding defense and dismissal of charges. The couple now wants to hire a new defense team who can fight more effectively for them. However, there is almost no ray of hope, and both Mossimo and Lori may have to serve the full term.

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