Kanye West Makes Controversial Remark Against Harriet Tubman in Rally

Kanye West Makes Controversial Remark Against Harriet Tubman in Rally

Sparks occurred in Rapper Kanye West’s first-ever political event as a Presidential candidate. During this event, he spoke against the famous Harriet Tubman, who has a special part in the history. According to West, Harriet never actually tried to free the African-American slaves. She was an underground railway conductor, and instead always had the slaves work for other white people. Such a strong statement did not go down very well with several people in the audience. The people opposing the statement immediately started to shout on Kanye West from within the crowds.

Kanye West’s monologue during the event was a significant and strong one. He included every other sensitive topic, including religion, licensing, abortion, and international trade. Although it is still unsure about Kanye becoming President, the crowd of North Charleston in South Carolina is impressed. The Harriet Tubman who received criticism in Kanye’s event was a respected personality of the 19th century.

Who was Harriet Tubman?

Tubman was an African American slave, who successfully escaped the shackles. Later, she helped other imprisoned women and men to find freedom, and travel to the north. Harriet also gets the credit for her contribution during the Civil War. Later, she became an avid supporter of women’s right to vote.

While talking about abortion, Kanye said that the procedure must be made legal. However, he also mentions that if struggling mothers get financial incentives, the abortion figures will come down surely. Giving an example, he said that every struggling mother should get $1 million right after giving birth. Kanye West had an interesting attire for the event with 2020 shaved on his head and a protective vest.

Kanye West’s event was a success

There were hundreds of people witnessing the program, and in the background, gospel music was playing. Afterward, Kanye West’s performance was a highlight. The members who were present LIVE in the event were all RSVP guests. However, the campaign website was made public, and anyone could attend it without a special invitation.

Kanye West tried his best to reach out to the audience and spoke loudly without using any microphone. While speaking, at a point he became emotional. He had tears in his eyes when he remembered how his mother passed away back in 2007. The reason for her death was after-effects, and complications arising due to plastic surgery.

Process of filing

Earlier, news came that West had failed to qualify for the ballot in several states. So, his nomination became pretty doubtful. People were even doubting his intentions and the truth of his words. However, last week Oklahoma proved lucky for the rapper. So, he finally met the appearance criteria for the Oklahoma ballot. It is also the first state from which he could gather the maximum signatures before hitting the deadline.

As per the State Law, Kanye West’s minimum requirement was to secure at least 10,000 signatures by July 20, noon. It was for the South Carolina ballot, and the entertainer took to his Twitter account to list out the names of places around the Charleston area. These were eligible places where people could come and sign the petition. Kanye West, husband of TV celebrity Kim Kardashian had made the initial announcement on July 4. His wish of running for the Presidential elections came as a surprise for his fans.

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