Is Mobile Gaming Taking Over?

Mobile Gaming Taking Over

Over the last five years, the world’s gaming industry has been going through a metamorphosis of sorts. There has been an ongoing transition from console gaming to mobile gambling. What does that mean for a growing gaming community? The good days are just getting underway. 

Rapid Changes in the Gaming Industry

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Traditionally, gaming had always been a “guy thing.” It’s not by accident that most of the gaming industry’s top games are war and shooter games that appeal more to the male gaming sector. If you look at the rosters of the eSports’ best teams, it’s near impossible to find members of the opposite sex. It’s possible that’s all about to change. 

While it’s difficult to explain why females are starting to embrace the gaming concept, there is one explanation that makes sense. Females tend to be more social than their male counterparts. They are not as apt to sit down with a gaming console to play shooter games for hours at a time. What females do tend to enjoy is being tied to their mobile devices. It allows them to do the things they want/need to do from anywhere they want at any time.

The gaming industry’s software developers have answered the call for mobile gaming by creating more games that play well in a mobile environment. Gaming companies like 888Poker are taking the mobile trend by storm. Offering “on the go” poker rooms where players can join games from anywhere and anytime. 

Apparently, females are responding quickly to the opportunity to play quality mobile games with their favorite mobile devices.

The Technology Factor

Rapid changes in technology changed everything about the way people live and play. That’s also applicable to the gaming community. The biggest knock gaming enthusiast had regarding mobile gaming was the quality of the gaming experience. It’s just wasn’t anywhere near the quality gamers were getting with their gaming consoles. 

The adaptability of today’s state-of-the-art mobile technologies has upped the ante for gaming enthusiasts. The progression has opened the door for the introduction of 3D, Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) gaming options into mobile formats. That seems to have been enough to bring more gamers (males and females) to their favorite mobile platforms to play their favorite games. 

The Cost Factor

When all other things are equal, money talks. Gamers have long been under the thumbs of console game developers, forcing gaming enthusiasts to pay a hefty price (up to $400) for a gaming console. Once the console is in hand, the games come with a cost as well.


Mobile gaming has brought more gamers to the market because of affordability. For nothing more than the cost of an internet connection and membership to a mobile gaming site, mobile gamers can gain access to all the top gaming titles. Never mind any discussion about free games that are also available.

The Stats

As recently as Mid 2019, experts were reporting that as many as 42% of all gamers were accessing their favorite games with their mobile devices. Comparatively, it was also estimated that 32% preferred consoles and 26% chose PCs. Those numbers were up drastically from just five years before. 

Realistically, the growing mobile gaming trend is expected to continue well into the future with females leading the way. That’s likely to include an increase in AR and VR gaming as well. Gamers, get ready for a bright future.



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